What It's Like To Have A Long Distance Best Friend

Meaghan and I both had Twitter and some of our mutual friends added us to their group chat on Twitter. That’s when our friendship started. The group chat dwindled away so we then started talking to each other out of the group, and we have not stopped talking since. We quickly figured out that we are alike in so many different ways.

Every day we would check up on each other and talk about our lives. Every day was a different topic and we quickly grew to know everything about one another. We would video chat at least twice a week and we would never stop laughing. Through every breakup, family issue, through every decision I made, she is always there. She gives me advice, she listens, she tries her hardest to make sure I was okay before I fell asleep. I have never had a friend like that.

After around two years of being friends, she finally came to Ohio and we met for the very first time. I was so nervous that we wouldn't click as we did on the phone, but it was the exact same. I was so happy to finally hug her when she came off the escalator running towards me.

Through that week I showed her my town and around Columbus. Then, she had to leave and I cried after I dropped her off at the airport. She made me feel accepted and I was so grateful to have a friend like her. It took us about a week to figure out dates when I could fly down to visit. Three months later I landed in Florida, and it was just like the last time. The hugs, the tears, the laughter, and even more memories I will never forget. We ended up seeing each other for a collective amount of 17 days out of the year 2017. In those 17 days, I don't think I have ever laughed so hard, and cried so much in my life.

Having a long distance friendship is challenging especially when... all you want is your best friend to hug you and make you laugh when you’re crying, but you have to settle with a facetime call. When you are having family drama and just want to leave the house, you have to go with sitting outside of the house talking on the phone. When you are bored and want someone to hang out with, you set up your laptop and facetime until one of you falls asleep.

Still to this day, three years later since the first message was sent, she is the best friend I have ever had. Even with our busier lives as we have gotten older, we still talk every day.