What Her Campus Ohio U Is Thankful For

“I’m thankful for everyone who continues to support me every day with everything that I decide to do. I’m also extremely thankful for my Her Campus family!” - Hannah Moskowitz, Ohio U '20

“I'm thankful for my friends and family because it’s been such a year of growth and they’ve been so supportive through it all. I’m just really glad to have them by my side.” - Caitlin Hunt, Ohio U '21

“I’m thankful for my friends and family as well. College has been quite an adjustment and I really appreciate their support.  I’m also thankful for my roommate for being such a kind person and so fun to live with.” - Regan Gray, Ohio U '23

“I’m thankful for my high school friends maintaining our strong friendship and guiding each other through our first semesters of college. I’m also thankful for my cats.” - Gwen Jones, Ohio U '23

“I’m thankful for my friends and family for helping me endure my transitions to college and for always being there for me even if they are several hours away from me.” - Lauren Serge, Ohio U '23

“I’m thankful for my father for always supporting my dreams and reminding me to dream bigger” - Dejae Wilkins, Ohio U '20 

“I am thankful for the continuous support and love I receive from my friends and family!” - Darian Berdysz, Ohio U '20

“I am thankful to have the opportunity to go away for college. I am the first person in my family who did not go to UC!” - Jenna Cavanaugh, Ohio U '21

Happy Thanksgiving from the Her Campus Ohio U family to yours. We're so grateful for those who continue to read our content and support us!