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What To Do When You Have The Flu At School

It is never seen coming. First a headache, a misdiagnosis and finally the dots connect. You have the flu. Even after doing all the precautions of taking vitamins, washing your hands and even getting a flu shot yet, you still managed to pick up a flu bug from a friend, peer or from any surface around campus. Being away from home can make any illness seem terrible to handle alone, but the flu is an illness you never want to mess with alone. Here are some tips on what to do when you get the flu at school:

1. Notify your friends

When having the flu, it is important to let friends know that you are sick so they can avoid you. It’s hard to be alone while being sick, but it is important to avoid getting your friends sick.

2. Ask for help from your parents

Call and text your parents for advice on what to do when it comes to taking medicine. While you may live on your own now, parents will always know best when it comes to taking care of their children.

3. Go to the health center

Depending on the reputation of the health center at your university, go to the health center. If it is within the first 48 hours of experiencing flu symptoms, go to the health center to try and get Tamiflu or other medications.

4. Take medicine

It may be hard to keep organized and do school work and keep track of medicine but it is a must. If you ever want to feel better and be able to stay on top of coursework, it will be necessary to continuously take medicine. It is best to make a schedule and set alarms in your phone to remind yourself when you need to take meds.

5. Skip class

Even with assignments due and exams, professors will understand if you can’t come to class because you are sick. This also helps keep others safe from catching the flu. If attendance is mandatory, go to the health center and get documentation that you are sick to be able to make the absence excused. Email professors explaining that you are sick, as well as email them assignments that will be due when you are out of class.

6. Rest

Take time to rest so you can get better. Napping when time allows and making sure you get a full night of sleep is very important.

College is hard and being sick makes it incredibly harder when it comes to to balancing class, school, homework, a social life and possibly even a job. Rest up, feel better and have a healthy rest of the semester.

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A senior at Ohio University, Hannah Moskowitz is majoring in the news and information journalism track at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. During her time there, she is president, campus correspondent and writes for Her Campus. In her free time, she writes for her personal blog: www.hannahmeetsworld.com. When she's not writing, she loves to paint, hammock with friends and take care of her plants.
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