What To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

After a huge meal, what happens with the leftovers? This becomes even more important when talking about Thanksgiving leftovers! Plus everyone knows that when their family hosted Thanksgiving it was always the best because you got the most leftovers!

  1. 1. Late-night meal

    This might just be a personal need for myself, but I love a good late-night meal. And this leftover comfort food is the perfect opportunity to have a full feast hidden away in your bed late at night!

  2. 2. Have another feast

    My family has always traditionally spent the day after Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas. This was then followed by a second Thanksgiving feast featuring all of the leftovers from the day before. We end the day by watching “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” while eating leftover pie with a generous amount of whipped cream!

  3. 3. Make something new

    Typical Thanksgiving food is surprisingly versatile. Whether you make your own recipe or look something up, there are endless ways to change your Thanksgiving dinner leftovers into a completely new meal. You can find 50 Thanksgiving leftover recipes from Country Living here.

  4. 4. Take them back to school!

    If we’re being completely honest, as a college student, you should be packing up those Thanksgiving leftovers in Tupperware and togo boxes and bringing them back to school! You can easily meal prep and have a few meals ready to go when you get back to school, especially with finals so close.