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What Desperate Housewife Are You

Although Desperate Housewives aired in 2004, it still remains on Hulu as a comedy/drama television series. Among the many laughs, Desperate Housewives has an ever changing plot line that could not possibly bore an audience. As far as the first few seasons, Desperate Housewives consists of 4 main women. 

Susan Mayar:  Susan is the hopeless romantic of the group. Susan is always looking for the next man she can immediately fall head over heels in love with, while continuously embarrassing herself. She is divorced, but does not that let that stop her from finding the happiness that she deserves. Between watching out for her daughter, Julie, and working as a children’s book author, you will find Susan attending poker nights with the girls once a week and always providing the latest Wiksteria Lane gossip. 

Gabrielle Solis: Gabrielle (Gabby) is the “trophy wife” of the group. Her daily activities consist of shopping for shoes or cars, flirting with her gardeners and annoying her husband. Gabby is a former model and uses that to her advantage in almost any situation that she can. Always stirring the pot, Gabby keeps her girls laughing, that’s for sure.

Bree Van de Kamp: Not only is Bree the perfectionist of the group, but she also provides a sense of humor in the most unpleasant ways. Bree is always getting herself wrapped up into situations that are completely absurd, but always finds her way out. Having two children, Bree portrays herself as the “perfect mother,” but her children beg to differ.

Lynette Scavo: The former stay-at-home mom, Lynette can’t decide what she loves more: her 4 children or her job. Lynette is constantly stressed and a little bit neurotic, but at the end of the day, she just wants her children and husband to be happy. Lynette is portrayed as the “nut” of the street, but blames her craziness on her hyperactive children. 

Between these 4 ladies and their 4 crazy lives, the show is constantly spinning in different directions. While the drama and scandals never end, you will always find these 4 women joining forces at the end of the day for a nice night of poker and wine. 


















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