What Colors to Wear with Your Hair Color

One day my roomie and I were waiting in the ever-so-long line at Shively for lunch. I saw a pretty brunette wearing a nice yellow blouse, and I thought how good yellow looked on brunettes. So my roomie, Camille, and I started discussing which colors looked best on people with certain hair colors. Every girl wants to look her best of course, so when you’re looking for something to wear, but you can’t figure it out, just grab a shirt that is “your color” and you will be set!

Photo: cdn.matthewwoodward.co.uk


Every blonde looks great in blue, especially if you have blue eyes—it makes them pop. In fact, if you’re blonde, any shade of blue is perfect.  Other colors that look great are green, purple, black, white, pink, and even red if you’re feeling bold. According to SheKnows blogs, any pastels look great on blondes as well.


Every brunette looks great in yellow, take Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” for example. That dress choice and color was no coincidence. Brunettes look good in any fall scheme of colors like burnt orange, gold, deep brown, and cream. Of course, black goes well with brunettes also, because black is the perfect neutral and looks good on everyone.


Every girl with red hair looks great in any shade of green, especially an emerald green because the green compliments the red tone in red hair. Neutrals like navy, black, cream, and brown look great as well. A redhead can’t go wrong with any shade of brown actually. Girls with red hair also look great in blue because blue is the new black. Everyone looks fabulous in a good shade of blue (or black)!