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What Can I Bring Into Disney World?

I am going to Disney World for Spring Break and to say that I am excited is an understatement. The word ‘love’ doesn’t even accurately describe what I feel towards Disney. I have been obsessed every since I was little, but never have gotten the opportunity to go to one in the United States until now. My cousin and I are going on our first trip together and I cannot wait! I mean, as a Disney fanatic, I have done plenty of research involving everything one should know about the park, but I bet others do not know what they can or cannot bring into the parks. Here are a list of a few things that you are allowed or not allowed to bring into Disney World parks!

Essentials you can bring:

1. You are permitted to bring snacks into the park as long as they do not needed heated up!

2. Bring a water bottle so you don’t have to keep buying water! I know parks really up the prices on everything so make sure you don’t forget this item.

3. Back-up batteries! This is so important especially if you will be taking hundreds of pictures (me) with your phone.

4. Poncho – it is recommended that you bring a poncho over an umbrella because “when it rains, it pours” and you wouldn’t wait to hold an umbrella during a monsoon!

5. If you are a lover for gum, bring it! They don’t sell it at the parks so make sure you remember to bring it.

Items that are prohibited:

7. Alcohol

8. Backpacks larger than 24”

9. Selfie Sticks 

10. Balloons or straws are not allowed in Animal Kingdom

11. Wagons or scooters


(All photos courtesy of Pinterst.com)





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