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Transitioning from the lazy dog days of summer to the rigorous schedule of school can be tough. The transition can be even harder when you’re in the middle of a pandemic and waiting to hear news about your school’s decision for in-person learning. Here are some ways to get out of your back to school funk and set yourself up for a successful semester, no matter where you are! 


Establish A Workplace

With colleges using a mix of in-person and online classes, there is a high probability that you’ll be working remotely. To create some normalcy, find an area in your house where you can spread your work and complete classes online with limited interruptions. Try to avoid beds or couches. While they make for a comfy work environment, it can have harmful effects on your sleep and work. Your beloved bed could make it hard to focus on your Microsoft Teams class. The stress of school could get rid of the happy, comfortable association you have with your bed. Find a place where you still be comfy, but also attentive!


Prepare Your Workplace

Once you find your spot, take the time to decorate or “nest” in it. Place your school supplies, like pens and notebooks, in your space along with your computer. Keep your charger nearby, too! You never know when your laptop may die! Add in any decorations that make it personal or will help you concentrate or stay organized. Remember, this is your space, and you know what you need to be successful! 


Establish A Schedule

One pro of remote learning is you can decide when you complete assignments and lectures. While that allows for a more flexible schedule, it is easy to fall down the rabbit hole of procrastination. Setting aside time for specific classes and for homework can keep you on track, and alleviate the stress of meeting that 11:59 pm deadline. Be sure to plan a start and stop time for your day! Breaking your day into work hours and fun hours helps you complete your daily tasks, but also take time to spend time with friends, exercise or binge yet another show on Netflix.

Review Your Syllabi

If you’re like me, you may still be waiting to hear from several professors the night before classes begin. Still, it can almost be guaranteed that professors will come eventually with a syllabus, and said syllabus will act as a guide for the course. To help craft that schedule I mentioned above, take the time to transfer important due dates and exam days for each class into a calendar or planner. This can give yourself a better idea of what to expect for the semester and how much time needs to be spent on each class. 


Get Some Sleep

It goes without saying that everyone does better with a good night’s rest. Although COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, it is still essential to show up to each class or meeting as our best selves. Ensure your daily schedule includes a reasonable bedtime that ensures that nightly eight to ten hours of rest.  


Caitlin Hunt

Ohio U '21

Caitlin Hunt is a fourth year journalism news and information student at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. On campus, Caitlin is involved with the Ohio Fellows, Cru, and is a Templeton Scholar. She has served as a TODAY Show intern and a NAJA fellow. In her free time, she takes in as much pop culture as she can! She is always watching tv shows and movies, listening to music and obsessing over the latest Broadway musical. Check out her monthly blog, Caitlin's Pop of Culture to see what she's watching!
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