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Warm Weather In Athens – Late Spring Semester Activities

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The spring semester is finally ending (finally being a keyword). With that, comes warmer and warmer weather as we inch towards summer break! Since we spend the majority of the school year in the horrific cold, here are a few of my favorite things to do to make the most of the little time we get nice weather here in Athens!

Big Weekend events

Spring is one of the most fun times in Athens. Many events are held on and off campus where awesome memories can be made. For starters, one everyone probably knows about is the fest season. For 3 weekends, Athens has a few streets where we party like there is no tomorrow. Though most of these are already over, we still have one this weekend on Friday and Saturday (even though the odds are stacked against us for Friday). For some, the fest seems pointless or lame, but I promise if you go you will not regret it (as long as you aren’t stupid about breaking the law). But seriously, I firmly suggest going to at least one, walk into a few backyards, you never know who you might run into!

Another awesome event, last weekend, was Skate Jam. Taking place at Devil’s Kettle Brewing on April 20, it was a place for skaters and music lovers to come together and jam out. It’s especially fun if you have never been to Devil’s Kettle and want to get to know the Athens community and local businesses better. And if you love live music, this is the place for you! This event was also a fundraiser for the Athens community skate park and the Sojourners Resiliency Center. If that is important to you, definitely check out this event next year.

Cutesy outdoor activities

Whether it’s hiking, picnics, or doing homework outside, every outdoor activity is cutesier in the springtime (everybody knows that). Gather up a group of your friends, or by yourself whatever your deal is, and plan a little outdoor day to get some sun and enjoy it while it’s here. The Athens community is so beautiful this time of year, why not go out and take it all in?

In particular, I would recommend walking the bike path or around campus to look at and take pics of the flower trees and plant life. Or even hike up to the ridges and have a look around. It is so cool up there! (and since it isn’t quite so cold at night, you can even look around when it gets dark for an extra spooky time, but you didn’t hear that from me)

A safe option though is always to grab a blanket or some hammocks, a couple of friends and sit on The Green and chat. Maybe even bring some schoolwork, but let’s face it, that’s probably not going to get done.

Clean-up Walks

A great way to get outside and beautify the Athens community is taking a walk and picking up trash. I cannot tell you how many receipts, cups, cans, you name it I used to pick up on the Jeff Hill staircase on my way to class every day. Oh my God. Bring a disposable or a washable bag, perhaps some gloves if that’s your deal (I use my bare hands which is probably wildly unsafe but whatever) and an open mind. Some of the trash you come across might be gross, I get it, but you picking it up means you and other people don’t have to walk by gross stuff on the street every day. Athens is beautiful and deserves to stay beautiful, so pitch in and clean up while enjoying its many splendors.

(P.S. Don’t forget to separate recyclables from the actual trash at the end of your walk, there’s nothing more satisfying)

I am a Sophomore majoring in marketing and business analytics with a minor in PR and advertising. I am excited to be writing for HerCampus and sharing my thoughts with y’all! Some fun facts about me are that I enjoy crocheting, watching movies, music, thrifting, theater, and pretty much everything tbh. Happy reading😘😘