Ultimate Fall Debate: Pumpkin vs. Apple

With fall comes all things pumpkin: pumpkin bread, pie, spiced lattes, etc. But what about the forgotten apple? While I love a nice slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top, I just don’t understand the cult following of the pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks. Unfortunately, this is the last you’ll be hearing me talk about pumpkins in a complementary way during this article because I’m about to tell you all the reasons why apple is the true fall necessity.

Going to a pumpkin patch to pick out your pumpkin is great and all but what can you do with that pumpkin? You’ll probably end up carving it or using it as decoration. If you’re skilled, you might be able to use the pumpkin to make a homemade pumpkin pie but that’s typically only achievable from a smaller, specific pumpkin pie pumpkin and not a field pumpkin. When you go apple picking (which is way more fun since you pick more than just one like when you pick a pumpkin), but there are endless possibilities when using your bounty. You can even carve an apple if you try hard enough.

Pumpkin spice lattes are gross, but have you tried apple cider? Apple cider is the perfect fall drink that can be served cold on an abnormally warm fall day, or hot on a crisp fall night and can easily be made at home. Does a pumpkin spice latte even have pumpkin in it? Just asking for a friend. 

Yeah, it’s cool that you can eat pumpkin seeds and other artificial pumpkin foods, but can you eat just straight-up pumpkin? No. Can you eat a straight-up, plain, unaltered apple? Of course, you can. You can also turn that apple into applesauce, you can dip apple slices in peanut butter, apples can be sliced and dried for later, turned into a pie, hell even cover an apple in caramel and add peanuts or chocolate chips to top it. I’ve never seen a caramel pumpkin on a stick, have you?

We need to be appreciating apples more for all that they provide for us during the fall season, and get over the obsession with pumpkins.