Trump on Twitter Drinking Game

No matter what your personal political views are, you have to admit that Donald Trump has quite the interesting Twitter. Or as he would say, quite the “modern day presidential” Twitter. To be clear, this drinking game is not meant to slam Donald Trump and it is not meant to praise him. It’s simply meant to combine the two things I love most, social media and alcohol, into one fun game. So whether Trump drives you insane and you think being constantly drunk for the remainder of his presidency will help you cope or you just love to scroll through Twitter while sipping a glass of moscato, this is the game for you. So put some white wine in your water bottle and keep a stash of mini vodka bottles in your bathroom because with this game you have to be ready to drink at any time. Get ready and I’ll see you in four years when you’re sober!   

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Take a drink if:

  • He mentions the Fake News Media. (take two if he calls out CNN in particular) 
  • He tweets Make America Great Again or MAGA
  • He retweets 
  • He capitalizes a random word 
  • He gives a nickname to someone when tweeting about them (ex. Rocket Man) 
  • He praises himself for being smart or a great president 

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Finish your drink if: 

  • He mentions Hillary Clinton (take a shot if he calls her Crooked Hillary)
  • The entire tweet is in all caps
  • He mentions athletes not standing for the national anthem 
  • He retweets someone praising him from an unverified account
  • He tweets about building a wall 

Run to the nearest store, buy a bottle of red wine and chug it in the parking lot if:

  • He mentions last year's election

Happy Drinking, America!

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