Third Eye Fortunes

Are you someone who is interested in finding out more about yourself than what is just on the surface? If you are interested in spirituality seniors Sarah Felder and Cierra Boyd have open their own business called Third Eye Fortunes. These women are able to use the practice of Tarot readings as a tool of guidance for those who are interested.

Tell me how did you girls each got interested in practicing tarot?

S- I’ve always been interested in astrology. Even in high school I would carry around an astrology book and highlight it. It lead me to more spiritual things such as mediation and I got interested in witchcraft as well as magic when I got to college. I wanted to find a way to become a part of that world and Tarot was the first thing I discovered that lead me in that direction. Then I started doing it [tarot] and I got such amazing responses from everyone. It was almost like I went into a different mode where it wasn’t myself but I was speaking though someone else. It felt so natural every time and I would practice enhancing my intuition. As I kept doing it I became more passionate about it.

C- For me I have always had an interest in magic even though I went to Catholic my whole life so I was told that it was not okay. I have always felt that I was psychic or had a very high intuition. I never knew for sure until I went to New Orleans in February for a service trip. My roommate and I went to a psychic and the fist card I pulled was the high persist card, which is a card of high intuition as well as clairvoyance and being able to see behind the veil of illusion. 

Did you two already know each other or did you meet on campus?

C- We have a mutual friend. I was actually on Court Street one night and the person we both knew gave me her number.

S- We wanted to meet to talk about tarot because I did not know anyone else on this campus who did it. Then one day we decided to start a business since we are the only ones that we know of on campus that practice.

How would you explain this to people that do not understand tarot and to people who fear it?

S- With telling people’s fortunes and doing Tarot it’s all about where you are coming form. If you are coming from a place where you want to help them or empower them that is what you’ll do. If you are coming from a place where you want to scare them that is what you are going to do as well. I always make sure that I am coming from a place where I want to help them grow. I want to use it as a tool of guidance, not something that is definitely going to happen. I use my intuition to read the card and tell them what they need to hear right now.

C- I will also say that it is nothing to be scared of. When it comes to palm reading it comes down to who you are as a person. For example, it shows your pet peeves, desires, love life and it’s all about you. There is nothing to be scared of unless you are scared of yourself.  The same thing goes for dream interpretations and tarot; it is all about you. It is not always about what is going to happen.

When it comes to your business what are your goals?

S – We are trying to figure out who will be interested. So far we have gotten requests for private readings but we are open to large parties. I also use a pendulum to talk to spirt guides which are people in another realm that you chose in your past life to help you learn what you need to learn in this lifetime.

C -  We both do Tarot but I also do palm reading and dream interpretations. I can also tell you about your past life.

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Photos courtesy of Casey Funtal