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Things To Do If You’re Bored This Spring Break

While many people have planned their spring break schedule months in advance, others prefer to let life create a vacation for them. If you were able to decode the previous sentence, then you realize that procrastination has taken the best of many people prior spring break.

While it would be amazing to say that I am flying to the Bahamas Friday evening with a group of friends as we plan to do nothing other than soaking in the sun, that would be a complete lie. The truth is, the perfect spring break vacation takes time to plan and when you didn’t put in a lot of time to plan it, you can begin to feel as though the same typical routine of work, studying, and homework will consist of your vacation.

But just because you can’t have a Hollywood movie spring break doesn’t mean that you should give up all hopes of having fun. Here are some amusing, but simple things you can do this spring break to feel fulfilled and refreshed for the last month and a half of the semester:

1.    Take a class-

There are so many things you can participate in to keep yourself busy for the break. Look around your town and take a pottery class or maybe a dance class. The Nike Training Club has an app that you can use to track Nike instructed fitness classes in your area. Something simple, but fun.

2.    Have a photoshoot-

How are you going to ever exude your inner Tyra Banks if you don’t practice? Grab some friends and head on over to that cute little café you’ve been admiring and begin your shoot. Not only will it kill time and become a laughable moment for all of you, but it would also enable you to get some cute Instagram photos.

3.    Shoot a mini film/music video-

After you’ve completed your photoshoot, don’t put your camera away! Create a mini film to exhibit towards the end of  break and make it as crazy or overdramatic as you want. Or, you can lip-sync to a classic song. Imagine how much fun it would be to shoot a video for “Baby One More Time”.   

4.     Plan your next vacation-

This is the perfect time to plan your future vacay to Mexico. You can work out the total costs and accommodations needed. It would give you an incentive to make it through the rest of the semester and a feeling of accomplishment as you watch everything come together.

5.    Visit someone in need-

This may be the furthest thing from your mind while on spring break, but it shouldn’t be completely discarded. You can volunteer at a senior citizen’s home or a child’s center. Or if you prefer to stay away from people, you can volunteer at your local animal shelter for a day. You’ll feel extremely satisfied afterwards.

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