Thick Thighs & Summer Vibes

The warm weather is here to stay, at a least for a few more weeks. That being said, let’s talk about trendy summer clothes for us ladies with thick thighs!  Don’t feel like you have to dress down for comfort, there are so many cute and comfortable options out there. I have tips to avoid chafing, places to buy comfortable shorts, and my three golden rules.

To start, I’m going to talk about that little (not so little) chafing issue.  Every once in a while I wear the wrong shorts on a hot day, then have to spend the next two days letting my legs heal.  I’m sure we’ve all been there and don’t want to go back, so here are some solutions.  One thing I do is wear mid-length shorts without cuffs.  The length adds a layer between your thighs and the lack of cuffs means less annoying fabric and less pressure. I bought my favorite pair of shorts from American Eagle.  They are Midi Shorts, super comfy, and have rips and a side cut to add to the cuteness factor. Cuff free Midi shorts go for $49.95, but I swear there is always a sale.

If jean shorts aren’t stylish enough for you, there are still plenty of mid-length shorts to fit your tastes.  You can buy the plain khaki type, the lacy and frilly kind, or even specific type of sport shorts.  H&M is a great store for this!  They have mid-length Sweatshorts for $14.99, stylish Pull-on Shorts for $24.99, and formal Chino Shorts for $19.99. If H&M isn’t for you, there are still department stores, mall stores, and plenty of online shopping places that sell similar shorts.

Finding the right pair of shorts for a work out is the ultimate challenge for me.  It is a big internal fight over being physically comfortable and feeling confident. The popular sport shorts usually ride up my legs every few steps.  I feel bad for the people behind me who witness my futile attempts to adjust my clothes every few steps.  Spandex are a great option if they are within your comfort zone. If not, you can still throw them under a pair of sport shorts. They can stretch to your mid-thigh or you can keep them shorter, whatever is most comfortable. The material won’t irritate your skin and the pressure is equal throughout, so no bulging.  If you like spandex but want them longer, biker shorts are a huge trend right now.  You could wear them for a workout or throw on a cute shirt for any regular day.

Shorts are great, but dresses and skirts are even better because you’ll never have itchy material between your legs.  Yet, I have had one or two occasions where my legs still chafe from wearing a dress.  One simple fix is to wear spandex underneath to provide a barrier. If you are worried that spandex aren’t fancy enough, they make similar shorts with lace or pretty patterns to match your outfit.  Another option is loose fitting clothing. Which could mean a flowing summer dress, an A-line skirt, or even the fitted skirts with lots of stretch.  The reason for loose clothing is so you don’t spend the day walking weird in a tight jean skirt or butt hugging dress.  The more natural your walk, the more likely you’ll be able to avoid discomfort.

If shorts, skirts, or dresses are not your forte, there’s still ways to make a summer wardrobe.  A new trend is flowing pants; some have patterns and others are just a solid color.  The way to make it match the season it to look for those bright colors or pretty patterns.  Save the black pants for winter time ladies, it’s time to add some sun to your day!  If that still isn’t in your comfort zone, pull out those mom and boyfriends jeans, roll up the ankles, add a crop top. Voila! 

You don’t have to wait for the fall season to dress the way you want.  You also don’t have to sacrifice your comfort just to pull off an outfit.  There are many ways to dress for your body type that also fit your style.  Just remember my few tips; don’t put pressure on your thighs, it’s never a bad idea to add a barrier, and flowing is always fun!

Links to the shorts I mentioned:


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