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MTV VMA’s awards occured on August 28th, 2022. This year, as always, had wonderful and absolutely horrendous looks. This is a list of best and worst looks of the night.

1. Lil Nas X

I love and adore this look. It is giving chandelier mixed with petticoat realness, something I never thought I needed. I feel like Nas always turns out for all of the events, but whenever I think I won’t be amazed, I am always wrong. The feathers mixed with the halo effect is absolute perfection. The bare chest, which normally is not my favorite, compliments the look, making Nas himself the center of focus.

2. The queen herself, lizzo

Lizzo is such an amazing ray of sunshine and I absolutely love this look. She looks the Ursula in the most fabulous way. This is what I wished Rihanna looked like in her Met Gala look a few years back. Lizzo’s hair and makeup perfectly compliments the dress, being slicked back and the lip perfectly matches the dress. The top frames her well, making this frame her body well.

3. sabrina carpenter

I can’t decide if I love or hate this. I absolutely adore the glitter flowers with the headband. I feel like the cutouts should not be there. Actually the cutouts make me hate the dress. It would’ve been so beautiful and classy if it was a tight dress without the cutouts or even a dress that draped more.

4. yung gravy

Putting aside the Rae family drama, I think this look is unique. Most of the time the fashion of the men is lack luster but I love this purple fantasy. The open chest of the shirt with the compliment of the chains gives the perfect “bad boy” vibe. I think this is classy but also shows Yung Gravy’s personality.

5. avril lavigne

I hate this, it’s like Kim Possible gone wrong. It is not Red Carpet appropriate, way too casual. I guess it is fitting for her Y2K style, but this is one of my least favorite looks from the night. It doesn’t frame her properly and just overall feels lazy.

6. Becky G

I love this!! It is giving Met Gala from 2018 Heavenly Bodies. It is so stunning with the beading to replicate a stained glass window with how it fits on her body. I am honestly at a lost for words. The top of the dress is a wonderful cut for her and I actually do not hate the cut outs on this dress. I believe this is one of my favorite outfits from the night.

7. conan gray

While I adore Conan, I do not adore this outfit. The neck scarf thing is just not a hit. The jacket could be if the pants were more form fitting because frumpy mixed with frumy is not ideal. Also the shoes were a bit much and would’ve looked better if more of the shoe showed but again, the pants are a no! The sleeves are too long too! Everything is too big and long.

8. Jack harlow

This is sleek and being in full leather on a hot day…that’s committment. It is the classy black suit with a bit of a special flare. All I can say is: This. Is. Classy.

9. tayshia adams

This is such a beautiful dress. The color compliments her skin tone, the draping looks natural, and the accessories have the perfect amount of bling. It is simple but done very well! The leg slit was a nice touch too!

10. dixie d’amelio

I love this dress. It is the classic “little black dress” but it has some gorgeous sparkle on it. The neck is a little weird, but overall this dress is just so gorgeous.

11. dylan o’brien

Wow I hate this. Not only is the print printed on, not stitched, he is wearing navy blue with black. The colors do not compliment each other and it’s overall distasteful. It looks like something your grandma cross stitched.

12. eichner

I have said it before and I will say it again, mesh shirts are just not it! Especially on red carpets. They’re just a no, forever and always.

13. bob the drag queen

Now this is the type of runway fashion week couture I like. Something about the colors and the jewelry complimenting each other makes this pleasing to the eyes. I like how the skirt is made out of dress shirts, it kind of gave Bob the “spider” look where it looks like he has multiple legs. The purse was not my favorite but overall I really enjoyed this look!

14. Melissa Gorga

This reminds me of the dry version of Kim K’s Met Gala look. It is simple and classy. I will admit that it may be a bit too informal for an event like the VMAs, but I just think Melissa looks wonderful in this. The way the bodysuit matched her skin tone well and how it framed her, I think it is stunning. Also the little accessories to match with the bedazzled moment.

15. Justina valentine

Now this is where the stained glass look with the bedazzling can go wrong. The colors together are horrendous. This is giving me space suit in the worst way possible. I have no words besides I hate this, it looks like it is out of a Justice store.

16. rachel smith

This is ADORABLE! The strawberries are so cute and I love the silver tones with it. I would’ve made the skin colored part of the dress black or an emerald green so that way the strawberries could’ve popped better and cut off the dangling things, but besides that, this dress is beautiful! It’s cottagecore in a red carpet way.

Those are a few of the many looks from the VMAs. I wanted a good mix of things I thought were wonderful and things I thought weren’t. Just as a disclaimer, just because I don’t like someone’s outfit does not mean that I don’t like then or am commenting on their looks. This article and my opinions are strictly focused on the piece of clothing. I hope you enjoyed reading and I can’t wait for the Met Gala this year!

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