Surviving Fest Season with a #HCSurvivalKit

The weeks ahead are filled with fun, friends, and festing! Keeping up the health and well-being of your body and mind is very important to maintaining a positive fest season attitude. Her Campus sent us some awesome products that we will be giving away to help you have the best fest!

TRESemme shampoo and conditioner samples will keep your hair looking fresh for the long days of changing weather patterns (for the past two years, Palmer Fest was rainy and snowy) and house hopping.

AZO gummy products will help with preventative care against a urinary tract infection (UTI). Stay safe and keep your body healthy, Bobcats!

Vera Bradley comes in clutch with small ID holders perfect for connecting to your keys for easy storage of cards and cash. Try your best not to lose it!

Milani colored eyeliner makes a perfect statement when everyone else is wearing black. Test out the emerald color to show off your Bobcat pride.

Brappz, the bra strap, bracelet, and shoe tie keeps you together all day. Fix your laces or make it a fashion accessory!

Circle Pay, a crowdfunding app linked to your bank account, is great for gathering a few dollars for the mixed drink at the next fest. Use it wisely, ladies!

CEA Study Abroad gave us hand sanitizer for all those random hugs, drink holding, and unclean bathroom breaks. It attaches effortlessly to your keys and Vera Bradley ID holder for good, clean fun!

Her Campus must have known how Fest Season goes because this #HCSurvivalKit was on point! Have a great and safe fest season, Bobcats!