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Superbowl 51 Rundown For Those Who Don’t Like Sports

As February rolls around, the month is full of exciting days. There is Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Ground Hog Day, the Grammy’s, the Academy Awards and, of course, the Super Bowl. I don’t know about you, but I know a few things about most of those. However, the Super Bowl is something that I know very little about.

I have always wanted to be one of those girls who is into sports, but for some reason that I don’t know, I cannot follow football for the life of me. I used to think that halftime was the 7th inning stretch. So for all my fellow ladies who don’t understand it like me, here is your official guide to 2017 Super Bowl 51.


First off: the teams

(Photo courtesy of ocalapost.com)

So two teams play each other, right? This year, it’s the Patriots versus the Falcons.
Obviously both teams are good; they wouldn’t be in this situation otherwise. So both teams kick butt and are out to kick the other’s.

(Photo courtesy of patriots.com)


Second: the location

The Super Bowl is being played in Houston, Texas. This is a reoccurring place for Patriots, having won Super Bowl 38 previously. The NGR Stadium, formerly Reliant Stadium, is like a jack-of-all-trades in Houston. It’s home to the Houston Texans, the Livestock Show and Rodeo, the Texas Bowl and a ton of soccer games.

Third: The Actual Sport

Alright. Sports.

So the actual sport of football sounds easy. One side has the ball and tries to score a touchdown. But there are actually a lot of different things going on.
On the offense, there is the halfback and the fullback and these two can be both grouped together and are called running backs. Another position is the wide receiver, which are the fastest receivers.  The quarterback is the main man from what I have gathered. He gives the signals, is the primary passer and the “ball handler.” Sometimes he runs too. Then there is the center, guards and tackles, who protect the quarterback.

The defense is made of the tackles and ends. The main goal of these spots is to be big. They stop the runners and rush the passers. The linebackers are the “handy men” of the defense. They kind of do everything to get the ball or stop the guy running. The cornerbacks and safeties (also known as the defensive backs) operate in the secondary of the defense. They have to be big enough to tackle but fast enough to catch people.

Finally: the snacks

(Photo courtesy of blisstree.com)


Seriously, bring a snack to a party and you’re going to be the star of the party, but make sure there is enough to go around.
And there ya have it folks, your Super Bowl 2017 situation.


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