Super Fun Fashion Trends For 2018

Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time to start prepping that summer wardrobe. Luckily, there are a ton of fun prints and styles that are in this year!   


Every color, horizontal and vertical, and even on almost every type of outfit. Yes. Stripes are totally in right now. Vertical stripes have been know to be deceptive and help you look thinner. Whether this is true or not, the stripes are super cute and should definitely be worn this summer. 

Stripe shorts and jumpsuits are my personal favorites and turn a basic outfit into a stylish and personalized look! 

Grid Pattern 

This is my favorite summer trend. The grid look is creative and edgy. It gives any outfit the eye-popping attention grabber that is needed. Most grid patterns come in black and white, making them super easy to mix and match. Again, the grid pattern is in shirts, jumpsuits, two-pieces, skirts, pants and shorts. It’s everywhere. Definitely do not miss out on this fun trend. 


There are sandals for any occasion, so you can’t go wrong here. Gladiators, wrap-arounds, the slip on Birkenstocks style, strappy or just basic flip-flops are necessary for summer. From the variety of colors, the shininess or fringes, and even the height of the sandal leaves many options so you can choose what is right for you. There’s no better feeling than knowing it’s time to not have to worry about matching socks! 

Loose Outfits 

Loose jean shorts, loose shirts and more. Finally, wearing outfits that show off how tiny you are without gripping every part of your body is here. I personally am so glad that the tight tank top days are behind us and that wearing shorts four sizes too small are out of style. 

Bathing Suits

No summer wardrobe is complete without bathing suits. There are so many styles and designs out to choose from. Bikinis and one-pieces are both super fashionable and even hot now with all the variety in colors and cutouts. 

I hope you find something to help out your summer closet!