The Struggle of Having No Sense of Fashion

College students aren’t exactly known for being the best-dressed people around. Most students throw on a pair of joggers, slip on a crewneck and slide on some Birkenstocks to trudge to class. While they might be comfy and cozy in their sweats, they probably don’t consider themselves fashionable. Now, if you look at them on the weekends when they go out, then they dress up to look more fancy. As for me, I don’t know how to dress myself anywhere I go because I have no sense of fashion.

As a baby, I had it made because my mom pre-picked outfits for me to wear. However, those days didn’t last forever. Eventually, I had to learn how to pick my own outfits every day. While this may seem like a simple task, it was a challenge for me. 

I remember picking out the strangest clothing combinations to wear when I was in elementary school. A lot of the time, I picked out what I thought was a beautiful outfit only to get told to change by my mom because I was so mismatched. I didn’t understand where she was coming from back then, but looking back at it, I was a hot mess. My blue athletic shorts and nice hot pink top combo definitely wouldn’t have won any fashion awards, back then.

Now that I’m an adult, my fashion sense should be better than it was before. While it’s gotten better, I still struggle with picking out what to wear every morning. If I want to wear a certain top, I don’t know what bottoms to wear with it. Then comes the dilemma of what shoes to wear.

Plus, I have to take the weather into consideration. If it’s cold and I need a jacket, it could ruin the entire outfit I planned out.

My roommate, Lauren, knows exactly what to wear every morning, and every single outfit she has looks fantastic. Even if she says she’s not wearing anything fancy, she still looks more presentable than me. The fact that she’s a retail merchandising and fashion major might also make a lot of sense because she knows how to make anything look fabulous.

Maybe one day I’ll learn the ins and outs of the fashion scene, but for now, I’ll hold out hope that someone wants to become my personal stylist for free. It would also help if clothing stores made their stuff cheaper. Perhaps I would look better if I could afford to buy a new wardrobe every season. Honestly, I’d still find a way to look like a goof.

(All photos courtesy of Giphy)