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Street style tells a story.

Most people, especially college-aged women, use clothes, makeup and accessories as ways to express themselves.

This so-called street style is a person’s everyday look.  Street style is nothing out of the ordinary, but instead the typical dress of a person and the image he or she conveys from that dress.

Street style at Ohio University varies from person to person; individuality is encouraged and widely accepted.

Mallory Golski, a freshman at OU, uses her dress as a means to express her personality. She says that her style is “nerdy enough” to showcase her personality.

Although Golski does not think she has a specific style to which she strictly sticks, she admits that most of her outfit choices fall on the preppy side.

This preppiness could be due to the fact that Mallory prefers dressing well put-together rather than dressing sloppy in clothing like sweatpants; she feels most comfortable when she is in a cute outfit.

Mallory’s featured outfit was inspired by the warm weather Athens has been lucky enough to experience throughout the past few weeks. Her black t-shirt dress, blue oversized sweater, statement necklace, and Birkenstock sandals all reflect the warmth and the upcoming spring season.

Caroline Milano is a sophomore at OU, and she prefers expression through makeup rather than clothing; this is because she feels that she can be more creative through makeup.

Milano prefers simple, neutral clothing rather than loud, in your face type of items that draw attention.

On the other hand, Milano enjoys attention-grabbing makeup. Although she does not wear makeup on a daily basis, she loves the transformation that makeup provides when she does wear it. 

Milano said that makeup makes her feel both stronger and more confident.

“I view makeup as more of a form of art than clothing; there are no rules for makeup,” said Milano.

Milano pulls inspiration from a multitude of places, especially social media. She said that she likes to look at things like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to stimulate her creativity, but she also just likes to play around with different types of makeup to see what works best for her.

Emily Kasarda, a freshman at OU, enjoys accenting her wardrobe with a multitude of accessories – bracelets being her most commonly worn.

“A few of my bracelets I never take off. I always wear them, and I would feel strange without them there. I feel more like myself when I wear the type of jewelry that I do,” said Kasarda.

According to Kasarda, the majority of her bracelets have meaning, although she does wear some of them just for looks.

One of her bracelets has beads on it, and it is supposed to help with anxiety and stress. Another bracelet she wears is symbolic of protection.

Kasarda also wears Pura Vida bracelets, and a portion of the money used to purchase these bracelets goes to charity. In fact, Pura Vida has donated more than $877,058 to different charities all over the world according to puravidabracelets.com.

No matter the form of street style focused on, it is obvious how expression via clothing, makeup and accessories is common and valued, especially for students at Ohio University.

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