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Staff Article: Where Are You Going for Spring Break?

Finally, Spring Break is among us even though, yes, there is still snow outside and, no, not everyone is going to the beach.

But some of us are! And some of us are reclusing into our couches with Netflix. Are you going where any of us are?

Photo: Google/CrossingItaly.net

Emily is going to Miami, FL to visit Jesus. Not The Jesus, but her nephew. Her sister will be there, too.

Taylor is watching Netflix, attempting to run more to train for her half marathon, and visiting her future roommates in Cincinnati.

Heidi is traveling to Edgewater, FL to stay at her aunt’s beach house.

Brooklynn is going to Disney World in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Paige is going home to spend the week crafting, yoga-ing, (most importantly) sleeping. She, her mom and little sister already made a snowman (below)!

Allie D. is making the farthest trip to Cancun, Mexico! (Yes, we’re all jealous.)

Brianna is staying in Athens to continue working for OU’s residential housing.

Allie H. is hanging out with her friends in Morgantown at WVU.

Kate (wait for it) is getting a puppy! Her name is Tami and she’s a bichon AND a rescue. Tami was a “mother dog” at the puppy mill, which means she was kept in a cage and gave birth to litter after litter of puppies. “She’s a very shy dog, but slowly warming up to her new home, Kate said. 



Kellyanne is going home to Cleveland for Ariana Grande and Party Next Door concerts.

Becca is also going home to Cleveland, but she’ll be watching Netflix.

Emma is going to Arizona for a business trip with her mom!

Kirby is going to Columbus and hanging out with her dogs and rabbits (both plural).

Staci is going home to Phoenix and visiting San Diego.

Dottie is surprising her mom at home in Baltimore. (Shhh!)

Arielle is going home to Baltimore, too, and going on day trips with her mom.

Abby is going back home to Chicago to get her wisdom teeth out. :(

And Casey is going to NYC with her roommate/BFF and visiting friends at Kent State University.


Where is your Spring Break taking you? Check out our last minute vacay trips for ideas!

Emily is a junior and HCOU's campus correspondent and editor in chief! Check her out on Twitter, @edafffffron (five f's).
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