Six Ways to Spend Valentines Day in Athens

It’s hard to come up with exciting new ideas every year for how to spend your time on Valentine’s Day. Luckily, Athens has plenty of possibilities when it comes to the romance department. Whether you’re with your crew, fling, or long-term BF, pick any one of these dates and you’re bound to have a great V-Day!

1. Be adventurous at Ping
High on adrenaline, weak in the knees, and dripping with sweat - that’s what you’ll be after taking on the rock wall at the Ping Center. If you’re tired of the same old “dinner and a movie” deal, opting to tackle this daunting wall is a fun alternative for a date. All the flirting opportunities with your Valentine (“race you to the top!”) are just a bonus. 
2. Enjoy dinner at a fine local restaurant
Here in Athens, we definitely aren’t deprived of awesome restaurants. Looking for a fancy meal? Try Zoe on East State - it’s a little expensive, but the salmon is totally worth it. If you’re short on cash, Casa Nueva on West State is worker-owned, which means tipping isn’t necessary. And if you want a quick, casual meal, there’s Brenen’s, Bagel Street Deli or even Wendy’s! 
Casa Nueva Meal
3. Get in touch with your roots. Tree roots, that is 
If you’re willing to brave the cold, Strouds Run State Park is just a quick drive from campus. Acres upon acres of beautiful scenery to explore with your Valentine will make it feel like you’re the only two people in the world. What could be more romantic? Don’t forget to bring along your camera to capture the amazing sights!
Photo by: Trec Ohio
4. Cuddle up at the Athena
This is a fun new take on the outdated movie date for our more traditional collegiettes. The Athena Cinema on Court Street has been around since 1915 and specializes in showing independent, documentary and foreign films. So while everyone else is standing around waiting to see the blockbuster rom-com this V-Day, you’ll be cozied up with your date in the quaint little Athena. 
Photo by: John Paul Sullivan
5. Show your competitive side at the Fun Barn 
Just a few minutes north of Athens in Nelsonville, lies a hidden treasure. The Fun Barn is your chance to be a kid again, whether that’s with miniature bowling, bumper cars, or classic arcade games. Enjoy some innocent competition with your sweetie - winner gets a kiss! 
6. Do what Bobcats do best - parrrrrrrty!
If none of these ideas are hitting home for you, there’s one more option. The myriad bars on Court Street never fail to provide a great night for the 21 and up crowd. Make this night a little more exciting by going somewhere you’ve never been before. Caution: beware of creepy dudes looking for some V-Day lovin.'
Now go out and spread the love! We at HCOU hope your Valentine’s Day lives up to every Nicholas Sparks-inspired fantasy you’ve ever imagined, complete with chocolate, flowers, and a Ryan Gosling look-alike.