Six Lessons Learned from The Bachelor

Six Lessons Learned from The Bachelor
Laughs, tears, anger and love - the season finale of The Bachelor on ABC saw it all. The love story of Juan Pablo Galavis, and his 27 girlfriends, ended when the Venezuelan soccer player ended up with Nikki, a pediatric nurse from Kearney, Missouri. As always, there were mass amounts of drama over the course of the show, but they provided some insight for us viewers at home. Read on for some lessons we learned from Season 18 of The Bachelor.
1. First impressions are important
It’s safe to say that one of the most important nights on The Bachelor is the very first one. The lucky single guy gets to meet all the ladies hoping for a rose. Though some of the girls have cute, quirky ways to introduce themselves, others come on a little too strong. For example, when Amy J. met Juan Pablo, she couldn’t wait to get him on her massage table...seems a little intimate for two people who just met. 
Amy gets hands-y with Juan Pablo.
2. Nobody likes a hypocrite
While Juan Pablo started out as a caring, involved and devoted father, he quickly changed pace as the season progressed. His daughter, Camila, was his go-to excuse when he didn’t want to kiss someone. On the other hand, if he saw an opportunity he just couldn’t resist, Camila’s wellbeing went out the window. Using someone isn’t cool, especially if that person is your 5-year-old daughter. 
Juan Pablo with his daughter, Camila.
3. Families tell the truth
Before he made his big decision, Juan Pablo introduced the two final ladies, Nikki and Clare, to his family. Although there were smiles all around, each time one of the women had a serious conversation with one of JP’s family members, they hinted that he “wasn’t ready,” “can be stubborn,” and “runs away from a relationship when things get tough.”
4. There’s a big difference between “language barrier” and “bad communicator.”
Time after time, arguments and misunderstanding were attributed to Juan Pablo’s unfamiliarity with the English language. But was it really just a language difference, or was it an excuse for Juan Pablo to get away with saying whatever he wanted? 
   Is he actually confused or just hiding behind a charming accent? We may never know. 
5. Repeatedly saying, “it’s ok” doesn’t actually make everything ok
Andi decided to ditch The Bachelor after her night in the fantasy suite was anything but a fantasy. She explained her decision, saying that Juan Pablo had talked only about himself and didn’t seem to care about her at all. When she confronted him, he listened for a minute, and then preceded to dismiss everything she said with “it’s ok.” She tried to tell him it wasn’t okay, but he wouldn’t listen. This is a prime example of why communication is always favored over sweeping problems under the rug. 
6. Relationships should have depth
Most girls love being told they’re pretty, but if that’s all a guy has to say, it can get old very quickly. Whenever Juan Pablo talked about the women, his list of things he liked about them hardly ever went beyond “sexy, great body, good kisser.” That’s all great, but a relationship won’t last on looks alone. Yet another reason why communication is great.
We’re with you on this one, Drake. 
Everyone makes mistakes - even reality TV stars. Luckily, we can learn from the mishaps of The Bachelor so we don’t make the same ones!