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Shane “Colzie” Cole: Going Anywhere

“If I made it this far I’ll go higher. If I made it this far I can make it anywhere.” The chorus line of Shane “Colzie” Cole’s song “Anywhere” is a statement of his accomplishments and his aspirations. What started as a passion for music and a dream to perform has become a reality for Ohio University sophomore Shane Cole. With over 30 songs recorded, five live performances, one music video and another in the making, Colzie’s success has only just begun.
Cole comes from the small town of Oakville, just outside Toronto, Canada. He was lucky to have grown up in a town with “hip hop and rap everywhere.” At an early age he developed an ear for music. “I remember every Friday night, whenever my parents would come home from work, the first thing we would do [was] crank up the radio,” he recalls. “We would have a great time laughing and dancing to start off the weekend.”

Over the years, Cole took his love for music and channeled it into an artistic venture. After seeing the positive reactions from his peers after rapping at parties in high school, he decided to record some of his lyrics. The result was an amazing song, “My Anthem”, and thus “Colzie,” the hip hop artist from Canada, was born.
By listening to any number of his songs, it is clear that Cole’s family is not only his biggest fan club, but also one of his greatest sources of inspiration. “[My brother] would always be the first to tease me about rapping, but he was always the first to show it to everyone,” says Cole. He also added that his parents have given light to so many new and invaluable opportunities for him.
Many people in the music industry have helped to contribute to Cole’s success. Mason Payne, CEO of Hustle House Recording and Co-Founder of H&F Inc. has helped with networking and musical engineering. Helping with engineering, producing, and even collaborating, two of Cole’s friends from high school, Evan “Freeman” Freeman and Eddie “ScizzaHandz” Skeete are not only strong “Colzie” supporters, but also serve as mentors for Cole. Cole also describes his manager, Michael Bonanno as a “genius when it comes to marketing and the business aspect of the music industry.”

“Colzie’s music is upbeat hip hop that really makes you want to dance,” says Colzie fan Hallie Ganch. Cole’s music cannot be classified as one particular style. Some of his songs are more slow and personal, such as “Anywhere.” Whereas others, including his single “Get That”, are more upbeat party music. “The outlook I’m going for as an artist is one who doesn’t just do one style of rap or hip hop. I want to be an emcee who can do it all,” explains Cole. Artists such as Jay-Z, Mos Def, Eminem, Whiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, and Drake have influenced Cole’s music. However, he strives to make a name for himself by creating a dynamic style that is all his own.
Recently, Cole filmed his first music video with the help of CreMedia Productions. The entire process took over a month of filming and editing. The song, “Get That,” is a tribute to Ohio University. The song and the video portray the nightlife here in Athens, so it was only fitting that part of the video be shot at a true OU party. “It was so cool to be a part of Colzie’s music video,” explained Sarah Claycomb. “It was really crazy and lively. Everyone was singing along with his songs.” Cole also added that filming the party scene felt like a celebration because it was the final scene before the principal photography was wrapped.
As tough as making it big in the music industry may be, Cole does not plan to back down from his dreams. By making big moves in the hip hop scene here in Athens and back home in Toronto, he hopes to continue expanding his fan base and setting higher goals for himself. Currently Cole is working on recording and producing a mixtape as well as filming another music video. He has future performances planned around Athens for the spring, including Hip Hop Palooza at The Union. “The adrenaline and emotion is unexplainable. The feeling is so addictive, and that is what I enjoy most about performing live,” said Cole.
Colzie’s fan base here at Athens is very prevalent. “It is a really great feeling when people come up and ask if I am ‘Colzie’ or tell me how much they love the video,” explains Cole. “I make my music for my fans, so without them there is no me.”
Music is truly an art of passion, and it is clear that Shane Cole is very passionate about his work. This is what makes him a remarkable new artist, teeming with potential. “Seeing the change of hip hop throughout the years is amazing, and I just hope that one day I can play a part in the future of it.”

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