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What a year to be a woman! And an even better time to be a woman in politics! So far, 2021 has already been a historic year with the inauguration of the first female Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. Proving what we women already knew, that women CAN in fact succeed in positions of power. Her inauguration has been deemed inspirational and hopeful to little girls and former First Ladies everywhere! Michelle Obama, lended her support with an “I got your back”, further illustrating what most women were shouting at their TV screens in that moment! And also through the tears shed for past movements that came before, women wept proudly as they witnessed themselves at the forefront of American politics!

History was a recurring theme throughout the inauguration, just as the women’s clothing was a recurring theme throughout style magazines of that historic week! What was especially noted was the color of the clothing. Many women attendees of the inauguration, including Vice President Harris, wore purple in honor of the Women’s Suffrage movement in the early 1900’s which granted women the right to vote! Providing a lovely shout out to the women who came before them and spotlighting just how far women have come throughout the last hundred years!

Yet another historic inaugural moment was the stunning performance by talk-of-the-town poet, Amanda Gorman, the youngest and first black female poet laureate to perform at a presidential inauguration. Who’s words moved to unite a divided America and once again provide hope in the aftermath of a racist and COVID plagued 2020 and the unlawful insurrection to start off 2021. Gorman shined a light on the significance of the election and what it meant for America going forward. Highlighting the many accomplishments already made as well as future accomplishments forged in the spirit of unity and camaraderie. Both of which, America was in desperate need of in the current political climate.

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Additionally, what has left women the most uplifted is a historic byproduct of the inauguration. In the wake of several inaugurations- after the presidential- it is estimated that 48% of President Biden’s cabinet members are women, making this the first time in American history where women have received equal government representation! These historical statistics allow the U.S. to become a leader in global equality for gender representation.

Women are now being seen on a global spectrum as political equals. Women’s issues are being seen as invaluable to public policy, not just deemed as a special interest group’s concerns. Women, who comprise 51% of the world’s population are now able to be heard at an accurate volume. And boy, do we have a lot to say!

This inauguration is long overdue for the women of America. But, it tells us nothing that we didn’t already know. That women can do ANYTHING!

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Erin is a writer for Her Campus at Ohio University. She is dual majoring in Acting and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In her free time she enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching Netflix!
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