Retail Struggles

Retail… that one job that almost everyone has seemed to have at one point or another. It just so happened to be my first job. I am very thankful to have had the experience but also very thankful it is over. I truly do believe everyone should work retail at least once in their lifetime; it makes one have a whole new appreciation for workers and what they go through. Here are some of my least favorite things about working in the retail world. I’ll keep the store disclosed for many reasons.

1.  When customers constantly ask if we can get them a different size or color in the back when 99.9% everything we have is always out.

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2. Working every single weekend and missing out on fun things.

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3. When customers don’t understand that the email they got saying there is a sale doesn’t always apply in every store.

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4. When your shifts drag on and on and time seems to be standing still.

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Whether you have worked retail or not anyone who has worked a customer service job can relate to the struggle.  But if you are one of those who never had to work retail consider yourselves lucky. The struggles of long shifts with no breaks, always being polite to people who don’t always deserve it and folding the same stacks of clothes 100 times is not a very appealing job to me but I know in the long run it will only make me a better worker and person.