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Reddit: The Epitome of Internet

Let me tell you about my new favorite time suck on the internet, Reddit. It is my new go-to place to procrastinate on the web. It’s basically a nerdier Pinterest filled with geeks from all walks of life. Reddit allows users to submit links from various places around the web and put them into different categories called ‘Sub Reddits.’

The sub reddits range anywhere from WTF? to funny. Let me tell you, there are infinite ways to distract yourself from a paper or stack of homework. The sheer amount of cute animal pictures alone could keep a girl from studying for that midterm that’s 25 percent of your grade. If you think you’ve exhausted everything on one page, simply click over to the next one. Easy as that.

My all time favorite sub reddit has to be ‘Today I Learned,’ or TIL for short. This is perfect if you are the ultimate smart alec and/or Jeopardy fan. I’ve learned about pointless movie trivia and Josef Stalin within five minutes, letting useless information take up precious gray matter. Show off your new found knowledge to friends and family who really don’t care about the Easter eggs in the new Batman trailer!

Check out Reddit and try your best not to get sucked in. Ignore the jerky lurkers who make negative comments and beware. Some of the content is a little risqué and definitely not NSFW. If you didn’t know, there are some real creeps on the internet.

Taylor is a graduate of Ohio University and former Co-Editor of Her Campus' OU branch. She would like to eventually work in the publishing industry with hopes of living in New York, San Francisco or Seattle. In her free time, Taylor enjoys reading, volunteering, or hitting up the most hipster joints in town.
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