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Recap: “The Bachelor” Episode 10 Big Moments

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

*Contains Spoilers*

This week, the episode centered around “The Women Tell All” where all the past women from previous episodes all come together to discuss (and fight) about the drama that occurred throughout the season, and eventually, get to confront Peter. 

Big moment #1: the final two


The episode resumed at the rose ceremony from last week, where Peter emotionally expressed his frustration to Chris Harrison. While it appeared that Madison left the show for good last week, she showed up at the rose ceremony. Peter gave the final two roses to Hannah Ann and miraculously Madison, who hesitantly accepted the rose, making these women the final two in next week’s last episodes, and sending Victoria F. home. 

Big moment #2: The confrontations

The episode then continued into the Women Tell All, where the majority of the women from the season were present. They began discussing Alayah’s behavior and her return to the show, they also confronted Victoria P.’s claims that she did not know Alayah. After doing so, all the girls began talking over one another and name-calling, setting the tone for the episode’s themes.

Tammy was a strong focus for many of the discussions and arguments tonight. The girls confronted Tammy for framing Kelsey as an unstable alcoholic. The girls expressed that Tammy’s behavior was uncalled for and was a strong accusation, brewing strong emotions for Kelsey. While both were still bitter, Tammy seemed to understand Kelsey’s point of view. Mykenna and Tammy faced one another after their fight as well, but they did not end on kind terms, as both women believed their own actions to still be correct over the other. 

Big moment #3: The hot seat

Host Chris Harrison invited Kelsey to the hot seat to have a sit-down interview, where they recapped her time on the show, from Champagne-Gate to Peter not giving her a rose after her hometown date. 

Chris then invited Victoria F. to the hot seat to discuss her intense relationship with Peter and her recent leave from the show. She broke down in reflecting on their dynamic and how their poor communication skills panned out. While she was in love with him, Victoria F. assures she has moved on and has used her time on the show as a learning experience. During their conversation, Chris confronted Victoria F. about the accusations regarding her breaking up several serious relationships, which she denied. 

Big moment #4: Confronting Peter

Finally, Peter joined the stage to talk with Chris and the women about their experiences thus far. Victoria F. joined Peter at the hot seat, where she thanked him for dealing with her behavior during their relationship, and they both maturely assessed the faults of their interactions. 

The other women then took the opportunity to confront Peter for his questionable decisions. Mykenna and Tammy brought up the awkwardness of the two-on-one date, for which he apologized. Savannah asked Peter about whether he regretted rewarding the drama that many of these women caused, which he acknowledged and mentioned that his goal was to go with his heart throughout the whole show, which he felt he succeeded in doing.

Big moment #5: The cyberbullying issue

Before closing the show, former bachelorette Rachel Lindsay came on the show to discuss the immense cyber-bullying present in the show’s atmosphere, with extremely negative content being shared, from death threats to racial slurs. The women broke down and gave a meaningful and heartfelt conversation about spreading kindness and strongly encouraged the minimization of such negativity.

The episode then ended by showing a sneak-peak into next week’s finale, where the drama of Pilot Pete’s season will conclude.


Lauren Serge

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