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Rapper: JaVaughn “CG” Graves

Name: Christian JaVaughn Graves

Graduation year:2013
Hometown:Columbus, Ohio

How did you first become involved with music?
I’ve always been into creative writing, and music has been big in my life and my family. So coming into college I just put it all together and it worked for me.
Who/what inspires you to rap?
Life and common situations that we all go through, or at least the people who listen to my music. I really enjoy transferring my daily life into lyrics that bring color to them.
Why come to Athens, Ohio if you want to start a rap career?
School first! But Athens has helped me in more ways than not, and has been a great starting point for my career. The support I’ve gotten here is bigger than any other artist and their campuses, in my opinion.
You put out a second mixtape in August of last year, what was it like working on and promoting that?
That was amazing; it was like my first real mixtape with my own production. And it was nerve racking because you only have one chance to make a first impression. But it came out really well, and I’m even more excited about my next project, which I still don’t have a title for yet but should release late this summer. Possibly the same time as last year, but we’ll see. I’m pretty tricky so I keep tricks up the sleeve.
What does CG stand for?
My first and last initials, Christian Graves… or Cool Guy
What is Team Yizzo?
Team Yizzo is the name of my team, in which none of my success and upcoming success would be without them: my manager (Dustyn Warner), producers, other artist (Erik Paul, Dolo Brown, and Slife), and all supporters of my music and the Yizzo movement in general
How many shows have you performed at?
A lot, especially as of recently. We’ve really picked up a lot of steam and the schedule is getting busier and busier. I’m especially excited about 8 Fest.
What are your plans after graduation?
To become as successful as possible with the least drama possible, sustain my humility, put my other artist on, take care of my family, and win Grammys.Aspiring Rapper:

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