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Rainy Day Fashion

Welcome to Athens, where the weather is sub-zero in the morning and turns to tropics in the afternoon. With anything but a typical fall day in Athens, it’s no surprise that it rains just as often in fall as it does is spring. This surprise of constant downpours may put a damper on any planned evening activities, but that doesn’t mean you have to show up to class looking like a wet dog. With these few, simple ideas in mind, you can look your best — despite the weather.

• Rain Boots These babies are a must to keep your feet dry on stormy days. Most rain boots can be adjusted for a loose or snug fit, depending on what the wearer wants. If you have massive calves, like yours truly, then going up a size in shoes may be best to make sure those boots fit. Colors and patterns range from (my favorite) zebra print to plaid to floral to solid colors. It’s all up to you! Cross Court and The Other Place are great when needing to find a pair of comfy yet bold rain boots.

• Umbrella All right, this one may be a “Duh!” moment, but it’s surprising how many students show up sopping wet to class sans this tool. Like rain boots, umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. From the clear bubble umbrella to the girly Vera Bradley umbrella there is always something snazzy printed on an umbrella. In my opinion, the bolder, the better. This way, people know you’re coming and if a friend is looking for you, they can spot you via a bright umbrella. Only, those giant golf umbrellas are a hassle when other students are trying to maneuver their way to and from class.

• Rain Jacket Again, another “Duh!” on the list, but these babies don’t have to be your grandma’s rain coat. A classic rain coat is always in style with a long, yellow slicker that mimics Molly from the American Girl collection. When looking for something to keep you dry and warmth, although it may be a bit more expensive, a good jacket of choice would be The NorthFace or Columbia. Both offer something for maximum comfort. Complete with lining and hoods! To take the look a bit retro, grab a clear, fitted slicker with a hood and you’ll be in hipster heaven — as well as dry.

• Headband and/or a slew of hair ties We’ve all been there; when you get all dressed up for the day, hoping your hair will stay perfect, when that sudden downpour changes everything. If you’ve already left the house with stick-straight hair, carry these around with you. Fixing your hair will be easy, as long as you got some back ups to tame those tousled locks. Just in case.

If your stuck in a rut, with it pouring cats and dogs and need to head from Ellis to Congress, having these tricks up your sleeve will keep you looking rainy day chic.

Senior magazine journalism and Spanish major at Ohio University.
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