Pros And Cons Of Regional Campuses

Here is what I realized while going to a regional campus.


1. Small class sizes

Some main campuses could have classes with people in the hundreds. Meanwhile, regional campuses average the size of 20-50 people per class. Small class sizes can be better for learning because you could have one on one time with professors and it would be easier to communicate with them before or after class.

2. Easy to find employment

While you are at a regional campus you are probably still living at home with your parents or living in an apartment close by. Since you know what the area is like and what types of jobs there are, you could easily find one or keep the one you had in high school.

3. A wide variety of classes

Just like main campuses you have a wide variety of classes on regional campuses. You can get your prerequisites out of the way and even take classes towards your major. Some regional campuses have certain majors that you can complete at the regional campus without having to move to the main campus.

4. You are saving money.

Regional campuses have the same high standard of education and professors as main campuses do, for a cheaper price. The price is cheaper because you do not have to pay for room and board, or meal plans.


1. Far away from campus activities

The drive to the main campus could be 45 minutes to hours away and a lot of gas is needed to get to activities. You cannot do that multiple times a week without spending a lot of money on gas and food.

2. There is not a lot of diversity

Everyone still knows everyone. Most classes have people that went to the same high schools or lived in the same towns. This makes it hard to make new friends. A lot of people have their own friends from high school, which makes it difficult to make friends when they are all sitting at a table, unapproachable.

3. Less school spirit

Since you are so far away from the main campus no one feels the school spirit when it comes to sports. No one is interested in the sports or goes to any of the games. Most people have their typical college t-shirt, but that is pretty much it.

Being at a regional campus has its ups and downs, but whatever you choose make sure it is the best decision for you.