The Phases of Move-in Day

Being a freshman this year, I was nervous about dorm living.  Back home, I was the baby in my house, seeing as my sister is 15 years older than me.  I was used to a big ol’ bedroom to myself, and although the transition to living with two other girls in a cracker box has been a blast, it has sure not been easy. Whether embarrassing or well executed, this is how I handled the semi-awkward/exciting time that was move-in day.

Phase 1:  The Introduction

When I first met my roommates, I decided that being bold and going for a hug was a good route to take.  After all, guys, this was my roommate

Phase 2:  The Goodbyes

What do you do when your mom, dad, and boyfriend leave, and you just want privacy to cry until you face serious, life-threatening dehydration?

Phase 3:  The Room Organizing

Let’s be honest, our dorm wasn’t actually organized until two weeks in … And even now, is it really organized?

Phase 4: The Bonding

When both roommates are talkative, loud and excited, it’s pretty easy to avoid awkward silence.  We still have yet to run out of things to talk about.

Phase 5:  The Pajamas

By nighttime, I was beyond ready to let my head hit the pillow ... But that involved changing into PJ’s.  Where do I change?  I hurriedly grabbed my oversized t-shirt and threw on flip flops (because, ew, communal bathrooms) and went to change in a bathroom stall.

Phase 6:  Bedtime

Regardless of the new atmosphere, we both crashed. Hard. Fast.  Moving in is exhausting, okay?

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