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OUr Newest CC: Brooklynn Kramer

1. What are you looking forward to the most as Campus Correspondent? 
I am looking forward to trying new bonding activities, expanding our chapter, and working alongside an awesome partner to improve and maintain our standings! I am really hoping to get a few more solid writers on board to get a variety of skills and articles, and keep the amazing women we have intrigued with our work!
2. If you were going on a cross-country road tip and you could only take 3 famous people, dead or alive, who would you take and why?
First thing’s first, my man Joe Jonas is going to be sitting next to me for the whole ride because he has been my celeb crush for 9 years now (wowza!). I also would want Barack Obama along for the ride so I could learn more about politics and the way he has changed the country over the past 8 years. He has been the President with the most influence in my life, so it would be very neat to chat with him, plus he seems very down to earth. The last person I would take on a road trip would be Amy Schumer because I would need a girl to be my BFF and a comedian to make the trip light hearted. 
3. What is your major/specialization?
I am a Communication Studies major on the organizational track. I have a Business Administration minor and a Social Media specialization.
4. What’s your favorite thing about Her Campus?
I have to choose one favorite thing? There’s so many! It allows me to have a creative outlet even when I am not the typical journalism major. I used to write a lot in high school, but more strict and concise, and my writing for HCOU has been more listicles and fun articles about OU. I also love the women I have met over the years and am happy to call them some of my best friends. I couldn’t imagine my college years without HCOU.
5. What’s your favorite food?
Once again, I have to choose only one? I think I’ll go with potatoes because they are so versatile. Curly fries, hash browns, baked, fried, home fries, and many more. 
6. What’s your dream job?
As of now, I really want to work for Disney as an event planner for their large shows, parades, and holiday events. I have always loved Disney, and my love for event planning has come naturally. I think it would be so awesome to be a part of such a large and well-known company creating the magic for millions of people across the world.
7.  Anything else you’d like our readers to know about you?
I love to take selfies, make people laugh, and drink vanilla chai at Brenen’s. 
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." -James Dean. E.W. Scripps School of Journalism kid. Avid explorer. Puppy (and all things fluffy) lover.  Twitter: @Taylor_Stano & Instagram: @TayStano
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