OU Withdrawals We Will All Experience

Next semester, I have the amazing opportunity to study abroad in another country. Hopefully, I will have a lot of amazing experiences abroad, but there are going to be withdrawals from OU. There is something about this university that makes stepping away for a few months painful. These things include food, friends, and fests.

One thing that I will be bound to crave is the food that is specifically found at OU. Bagel Street Deli, O’Betty’s cheese fries, and Big Mamma’s Burritos are going to be missed tremendously. Even though the food in Athens tastes great, the memories at these locations are what make them so special to any student or alum of OU. Part of going to these restaurants on campus is the experience that you get when standing in line at 2 a.m. making friends with other bobcats waiting in a line that moves at a slow pace.

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Another tough goodbye will be the amazing friends that I have made over the past two years on campus. The people that are my friends will always be close to my heart, but when I return many of my friends that are seniors will have graduated. This will be one of the hardest things to miss out on. The silver lining of the though goodbyes is that once you are a bobcat, you are always a bobcat. I will be able to look forward to homecoming to see my friends again and actually see the progress that they made since graduation.

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Leaving Ohio University for a whole semester also means leaving the culture of a school that I have grown to love. In the spring, I am going to miss all of the fests that the students host. Fest season is only truly understood by OU students and is a cause for celebration. I have bonded with countless people and made most of my friends during fest season. The students at this university in particular work so hard all year, but also know how to balance working hard with playing hard.

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For the most part leaving Ohio University is difficult for any student whether they are studying abroad or graduating. There is something about the student body that makes this place hOUme to thousands of bobcats.

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