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Open Letter to the Boyfriend That is “Too Busy”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

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If you frequently say you’re too busy to a girl, just know that it affects her deeper than you can understand. She admires you for how hard you work but after almost two years together, it makes her feel like she has no place in your life anymore. It leaves her wondering what she did wrong. You have gone through so much together, from graduating high school together to figuring out college life. You used to never go a day without each other but now she is lucky to see you once, maybe twice a week. You’ve made her feel as if your love was unbreakable. But now you say you’re too busy, but we all know that you’re more than capable of making time for someone you love. Her hopes and dreams of living a great life together are dwindling.

 You are making her feel like everything you have done together means nothing at all. You minimalize everything she has going on because you think what you have going on is much more important. She was once one of your top priorities but as time goes on she moves farther down. Her friends tell her to leave you because she doesn’t deserve that. They tell her that she could find someone who gives her everything she wants, but she wants that person to be you. She holds on because she is waiting for the day you suddenly have the time for her that you once used to have. She waits for you to show her you love her and that you appreciate everything she does for you. You know that being busy has nothing to do with why you are treating a girl you say you love like shit.

 If you are really too busy to show a girl that she means something to you then maybe it’s not the right time to be in a relationship. Dragging a girl along to have her there when it is convenient for you is a sad excuse for a relationship that no girl should ever have to put up with. You know she is weak and you abuse that. You know she doesn’t have the courage to leave you so you continue to treat her however you want to. You can have those days when you treat her like she deserves to be treated but those days are becoming less and less frequent. You don’t even argue back when she is upset anymore because you simply don’t care to be bothered. You are destroying her self-worth. You are conditioning her to accept this as normal when she knows deep down this is far from okay. She knows you are not treating her right but she makes excuses and convinces herself that it’s okay and that things will eventually be better. She knows that someone else could give her what she wants but the thought of that being someone other than you kills her. She spends so much energy trying to change you. When you say you are too busy and you only see her once a week, it is not okay regardless of what you have going on. When you say, you are too busy to even text a girl you “love” and remind her that she is important to you, you don’t deserve her. Just remember when she is gone, you will regret putting everything else in your life before her. You will regret doing all of this to someone who was there for you unconditionally.



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