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With winter weather finally showing up, let’s talk about what to wear!

Winter fashion is tricky because it is all about balancing cute, comfortable and cozy. I, for one, cannot stand to be cold in the winter, but at the same time, I want cute outfits. Here are some staple pieces that are a must-have in my winter wardrobe. 

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First and foremost, sweaters!

Sweaters are the key ingredient to creating a cute winter outfit, in my opinion. They are super easy to pair with jeans, leggings, or skirts and elevate your look. My go-to winter fit is a bulky sweater paired with jeans and some heeled booties. It checks all the necessary boxes of cute, cozy and warm, and doesn’t take forever to put together. 


Arguably, cardigans are sweaters, but I decided to give them their own category. Have a cute long sleeve top but it’s too cold to go without another layer? Throw a cardigan on top and you are still cute and cozy! Cardigans, to me, are like the cute alternative to that big winter coat your mom got you in the third grade that you hated wearing, but she forced it on you every day. I know you ladies know what I am talking about! I have cardigans that I bought years ago and wear every winter. I found that investing in a nicer cardigan is totally worth your money. They’re a piece that you will get tons of wear out of and that lasts for years! 

Allegra Vallina
Trending this year: shackets!

I have seen these before, but never as much as this year. These “shackets” are taking the winter fashion world by storm this winter. I caved and bought one last week, and have worn it every day since. They are amazing! But what exactly is a shacket? Blogger Hang Nguyen describes it as a “crossover between a shirt and a jacket”, and I have to agree. Mine is flannel patterned with a fuzzy lining and is perfect to throw over any outfit. It is perfect to dress up or down and keeps me warm.

“A shacket is a crossover between a shirt and a jacket,” explains Hang Nguyen, a lifestyle and fashion blogger. “It’s usually a little oversized and looks like a shirt, but made from a heavier material.”


I saw turtlenecks really make a comeback last winter as a perfect layering piece. I typically am not a huge turtleneck gal, but layered underneath crewneck sweatshirts, sweaters, or even t-shirts I am a big fan. They just add not only another layer of warmth to your look, but uplift your outfit and give the impression that you put a lot of thought into the look, even if you didn’t! I am all about the high-quality look with low maintenance effort, and turtlenecks are perfect for this.

ugg boots

Yes, seriously.

I’m not sure who decided that UGG boots aren’t cute anymore in the last couple of years, but I still wear mine religiously in the winter months. There is just no other shoe I have ever had that keeps my feet as warm as my UGGs. Also, while they are expensive, they are a great investment. My sister, who is 24, still wears the UGG boots she bought in the 7th grade! Now, I don’t wear my boots to formal events when I am dressing very nicely, but walking around campus or if I am going to be outside for an extended period of time, UGGs for the win.

Lindsey Osterfeld is currently a junior studying journalism, strategic communication, at Ohio University and adding a social media certificate. She is also the Twitter Manager for Ohio U's chapter of Her Campus. When she is not writing or studying, she can be found watching TV shows like Friends and One Tree Hill, and spending time with her friends and family.
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