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My Story Of Having A Roommate

Roommates… most of us have been there, right? Seems like a normal thing. Whether it be siblings or friends, it seems to be a part of life. Well you see, I was an only child for eleven years. So let’s just say, I like my own space.

Now that being said, I did share a room with my grandma for a little while. Except her stuff wasn’t in the room, she just slept in there, so it doesn’t really count. And it’s not that I don’t like people in my room, because I’ve always loved sleepovers! I just tend to be very particular when it comes to my belongings, where they are placed, how the room is decorated, and the cleanliness of the space. Come on, you understand.  

The thought of having a roommate this year in a tiny dorm room did make me a little anxious, I won’t lie. Because even though I knew I’d be rooming with my best friend, it didn’t really make a difference. The “what ifs” started rambling through my head. What if her stuff didn’t go with my pink decor? What if she doesn’t like cupcake scented candles like me? What if she is messy or doesn’t let me play my music? What if she touches my stuff? What if she doesn’t kill bugs…I can’t kill the bugs, so if she doesn’t it definitely won’t work and basically, we’ll die.

Luckily, we don’t have those problems. Her stuff goes well with mine, she likes sweet scents, she likes my music, she doesn’t touch my stuff, and she DOES kill the bugs. Every time. So, I guess having a roommate was not something I should have worried about. I got lucky with mine.

In fact, I would rather have a roommate than a room to myself. Isn’t that bizarre? It’s actually fun. It’s a slumber party every night. We watch shows together, gossip together, eat together, study together, and wait for one another to come home. It is a good experience.

We aren’t perfect, but we can live together and that is a true test of friendship, to say the least. To those of you who haven’t had a roommate yet, but will in the future, my best advice is to be clear and open-minded. Be clear with your expectations but be open-minded to theirs. It’s not so bad after all.

Mia White

Ohio U '21

A 20-year-old aspiring journalist. I live by the motto "Happiness never goes out of style", and you should too!
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