My First DIY Costume

Most people think that because I am a college girl and because I am in a sorority that I am crafty. These assumptions could not be farther from the truth when describing me. When it comes to Halloween, I usually wear a costume that is made of things I already own or buy all of the parts that I need. This year, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and make my first DIY costume; this year, I’ll be storm cloud.

This is risky for someone like me. It is even more risky because I am also a procrastinator, so if something goes wrong I could be SOL. You may be wondering why I am telling you this and it is because if I can do it then you can definitely make a DIY costume last minute too.

It turns out that all you need are the right pieces and a crafty roommate to point you in the right direction. My secret weapon this year is spray glue! In order to stick all of the cushion stuffing to black slip, I am going to use spray fabric glue. It allows the stuffing to stick without falling and I can also use it to stick the cushion fabric together so that I can make a very large cloud.

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For a first timer with DIY, I think that it is okay for Amazon to help out a bit too. For my storm cloud, I need black gloves and I was not about to sew a pair (I just got the glue thing down). Amazon has quick delivery and very inexpensive options to add things to your costume, so why not take advantage of the little things?

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I have started putting the costume together and I cannot believe how well it is going. I do not have a picture of it because it is not complete-- I said I was a procrastinator, after all. Below is a picture of the costume that inspired me (from Pinterest, of course!). My goal is to make it half as crafty as this one.

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To all of you crafty and uncrafty people out there making their first DIY, I wish you luck. It will be worth it on HallOUween night when you stick out from the rest of the store-bought costumes and masks.