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A short list of my favorite thrift stores in Athens, with a little bit of personal experience.

Athens Underground

This is a true vintage clothing store. It is perfect for people who are looking for that perfect vintage outfit for a party, event, or whatever else. While it is often a bit more expensive than other thrift stores around here, you get what you pay for because the workers make sure the clothes are in good condition before they put them out. If the higher prices aren’t your thing, there is a sales rack (my favorite area of the store, located right outside the front door). The clothes on this rack are typically under five dollars, and while they usually have some sort of hole or stain, they are usually pretty fixable and still cute. Not only do they have clothes, but if you are looking for wall decor, records, jewelry, or trinkets, this is just the place to go. Athens Underground has a large selection of postcards, magazines, and more for wall decor. Be sure to bring cash and a reusable bag though because there is an additional charge on credit card purchases, and they are trying to move away from plastic bags, so bringing a reusable one is always a plus.

Church of the Good Shepherd Thrift

This is sort of an unconventional mention, however, this store is great for a super quick on-campus thrift, when you can catch them open. This store is located right on College Green, below the church of the Good Shepherd. It might be a little difficult to find at first, but on the few days it is open throughout the week, there are typically signs right out front prompting visitors to come in. This store is a little different than I experienced last year, but these days it seems much more put together, and it is double the size! Pretty much everything in this store is less than five dollars or based on donations. They also have a little cafe open sometimes, so you can have a little thrift and tea session, all in one.

Upcycle Ohio

This is my favorite thrift store here in Athens. It has anything you need, all at a low price. They have books, clothes (so many clothes!), shoes, lamps, furniture, trinkets, dishes, toys, decor, and more. Also, they have a sale every day of the week. My favorite thing they offer though is the clothing swap; essentially, you bring in some of your clothes, pay a small fee, and then you take more clothes than you came in with. It is a great way to empty your closet of your old clothes you don’t quite vibe with anymore and replace them with new clothes that are your style! Follow them on Instagram @upcycleohiothrift to find out when they have events or get in new items. This store might not be right on campus (or within walking distance), but it is just a short drive away!


This is another store you may have to drive to, but it is a classic. Unfortunately, the Athens Goodwill is often picked pretty much clean. However, you are usually still able to find something you like. They have the color tag sales, just like most other Goodwills, which gives you the chance to pick some super cute clothes at a pretty low price.

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