My Favorite Shows of All Time

Like any ordinary college student, I spend a lot of time bingeing shows. Some have been good, bad, and overhyped, but there are a few that I would consider very near and dear to my heart. To be considered a favorite of mine, a show must have longevity, be entertaining, strong characters and in some way represents me or the woman I want to be. These five shows hit those standards perfectly. 


  1. 1. Game of Thrones

    Can this bloody, violent HBO show be a comfort? Yes, if you know what’s going to happen. Set in the fictional world of Westeros, “Game of Thrones” follows several medieval families and their associates as they battle for control over the Seven Kingdoms and the coveted Iron Throne. “Game of Thrones” was legendary for showing that television shows could and should be held to the same standards as movies. The costumes, characters, and storylines were next level, and it's going to be hard for any other show to replace the hole “GOT” left when it went off the air last year. What could be thought of as a male-driven or male-targeted show, “GOT” created some fabulous female characters, including Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, and Arya Stark, that were intelligent, smart, and driven. Of course, most of these characters were really done dirty in the final season, but these women and their male counterparts will go down in history as some of the best television characters EVER! Beneath all the blood, guts, and nudity, “GOT” is a fantasy show with a simple plot driven by its complex characters. 


  2. 2. Stranger Things

    The further you scroll down this list, you’ll realize I’m a sucker for shows with an ensemble of characters that drive the plot and make you fall in love with them. “Stranger Things” is a prime example of this. Taking place in a small Indiana town in the 1980s, “Stranger Things” follows three geeky pre-teen boys after one of their friends goes missing and after they stumble across a strange girl. Every “Stranger Things” fan has a favorite character and as the show continues, it manages to introduce even more loveable characters that only add to the show. I also love the 1980s, and the show does a great job of immersing viewers in the bright cheesiness that was the American 1980s. In a nutshell, “Stranger Things” is just good fun, and even if you’re not into sci-fi, then you can still find something you like about the show. 


  3. 3. The Crown

    Netflix just knows how to create and cast the perfect ensemble shows. While “Stranger Things” is an excellent example of this, “The Crown” really just masters it. “The Crown” is all about the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II and her fellow members of the monarch. After an explosive season four, “The Crown” is another show that will be cemented as one of the greatest television shows ever. It’s so hard for me to express just how much I love this show! Queen Elizabeth is the epitome of girl power, considering she has to fight to prove her worth as a monarch, a role traditionally held by men. She also has several other strong, complex women, like her sister, Margaret, and now, Princess Diana. Every time Netflix drops a season of this show, I gobble it up! Needless to say, do NOT bother this queen when it’s time to watch her queen!


  4. 4. Downton Abbey

    Speaking of great British shows, “Downton Abbey” is legendary! This PBS/Masterpiece show follows the Crawley family, a rich, aristocratic family in the early 20th century, and its members of the household. Of course, there is bound to be drama with a house full of characters, and “Downton Abbey” serves up the best of the best! The show uses almost every plot a daytime soap opera has used but does it with style and class. Given the times, “Downton” also explores the struggles women of the early 20th century had while trying to find their place in society. It’s also filled with classic slow-burning romances, historical events, and the classic British wit I love. “Downton Abbey” is one of the few shows I take the time to rewatch, and it’s always just as magical as the first time I watched it. 


  5. 5. Glee

    As far as comfort shows go, this one is undoubtedly mine. “Glee” follows a group of outcast high schoolers whose big dreams rely on their show choir’s success. So, “Glee” has recently become the butt of jokes on Twitter, but I know you’re all making fun of it because you love it too! I can truly say I know this show and its episodes backward and forwards, and yes, I frequently say, “Hey! That’s like on that one episode of “Glee”...” Still, I know this show was not the best. Were there some sketchy and problematic plotlines? Yes. Were all the covers good? Nope. Should Mr. Shue be teaching or, much less, rapping? Oh, heck, no! This show is heavily tied with my teen years and really boosts my serotonin levels each time I make a trip back to Lima, Ohio. Just call me a Gleek!