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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

Do you ever find yourself on YouTube watching makeup tutorial after makeup tutorial but end up getting bored by the end of them all? You are not alone. The key to finding enjoyable videos is discovering relatable people that are also trustworthy at the same time. Here are a few of my favorite beauty youtubers that I know you will enjoy!

Nikkie Tutorials:

This girl is just great. I love the diversity of looks that she comes up with and she is down to Earth with an attitude. Nikkie does collaborations with so many different YouTuber’s and I think that shows how friendly she is. Her spunky and funny attitude definitely puts her at the top of my favorite YouTuber list!

Full Face using only glitter! Give it a watch.

Jaclyn Hill:

This girl has got to be the most hyper and enthusiastic person on YouTube! Every time you click on one of her videos she starts off with some crazy story and she hypes it up so much to the point where you cannot help but laugh. You might want to grab some popcorn for this one because her videos are almost always the same amount of time as the average television show but hey, who is going to complain? I know I won’t!

Daytime Glam! Worth the watch.


I watch Tati’s videos simply because I think she is the most honest person on YouTube. She will not hesitate to say how much she hates a product and by doing that she gains a ton of respect from her viewers. Though she doesn’t really post tutorials, I know if I need any advice on buying a new product, I will go to her channel and see if she has a review because I know she would not lie about it.

$10 Foundation! This will be your new favorite foundation!


Okay guys, if you have never watched one of her videos, go do it now because you will not regret it. She is the funniest and most relatable beauty YouTuber that I have found so far. She is close to our age so she knows how to reach out to her younger viewers. Her most viewed videos are her drunk makeup tutorials which are the funniest videos I have ever seen. She has such a great but also chill personality which overall makes her one of my favorite people to watch.

Tipsy Makeup Tutorial. Trust me, you will laugh!




I saved the best for last! Kathleen is my favorite YouTuber out of them all for so many reasons. She is serious when she needs to be but also so funny. She is the most caring person ever and I can relate to her in so many ways! She is truthful and she posts tutorials so often and I love to follow them. She likes to do simple looks but brings out a glam look every now and again. Another reason I love her so much is that she always talks about her dogs. Makeup and dogs, what more can you ask for? If you check any of these YouTuber’s out, make sure it is her! You won’t regret it.

Easy Cut Crease! Beautiful tutorial and easy to follow!


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