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Motom: Your Newest Shopping Addiction

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Social influencers are always showing off their personal styles online. Their clothes and accessories are the main attraction of their posts, and naturally their followers are going to want to buy the same items. Online shopping can be hard when you are doing it from influencers posts, especially when using apps like TikTok where you can’t even tag clothes. Motom is an up-and-coming shopping site that allows influencers to list and tag every single item that they are wearing in specific posts. It’s not just limited to influencers, but anyone can make an account to share their clothes and make money from it.

Everyone can make an account to post their photos, and then tag the clothing items for others to be able to buy. Not only can you follow influencers with styles you like, you can also find new ones to gain style inspo from. You are able to essentially become an influencer in your own right, making an account where you post your own clothes with tags. The best part is that you can even make up to a 15% commission when people buy the items you tagged from your account. The site also allows creators to make their own “LikeBoards” (think Pinterest) where you create outfits and buy them. Motom also suggest brands and outfits to you based on what’s popular and trending. That way you can find new brands you’ve never even heard of and maybe a new favorite outfit! Motom also uses a ThisOrThat feature, which has its users decide what product they like more. That way the site can constantly follow trends that people enjoy.

Motom is a new and creative way to shop online comfortably while knowing what you are going to get. As college students, it’s not always easy to get out there and shop. Motom allows students to simply search for influencers and find plenty of new styles they’ll love. Everything is all tagged right there and that way you don’t have to wait for the creator to tell you where the outfit is from.

Currently Motom is in the process of still expanding and will continue to grow as more users interact with it. Check out Motom in the link below to explore and find your own favorite influencers and styles!


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Amy is currently a junior at Ohio University. She is majoring in journalism strat comm and is the PR Chief for Thread Magazine, Instagram manager for HerCampus and work for 1804Communication. In her free time she loves to explore new places with her friends, spend time with her boyfriend and go to concerts and museums.
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