The Most Common Things OU Students Spend Money On

Every college student knows there’s a difference between broke and college student broke. Sometimes we have $2 left in our bank accounts, but we somehow find a way to go out after that terrible group project. Ever wonder where our money is really being spent in Athens? Here it is: 

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1. Chipotle

We all do it. We tell ourselves it’s a good use of our money. We convince ourselves it’s a good deal for the amount of healthy food, especially when the thought of more dining hall food is enough to make your stomach churn. It’s only a few minutes from classes and the easiest dinner on the go. All college students love Chipotle, but it still steals a large portion of our budgets.


2. Alcohol, The Bars and More

It starts with buying a bottle to pregame. Then, you take out $20 for the bars. The next thing you know you thought it was a good idea to buy three rounds of Rumple shots for you and your girlfriends. There’s broke and then there’s college broke where you can’t afford groceries but can always afford a night out on Court St. Remember, this often concludes in buying drunk food too.

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3. Chic-fil-A


It’s a 45 minute drive to West Virginia. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Is it an expensive meal? Well, no, but gas is expensive so it’s not advised. Still, OU students make the drive more often than parents would like to know and the workers always cheer you up because they’re so happy. It’s a win-win.

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4. Breakfast Runs


Between Court Street Diner, Union Street Diner and Bob Evans, breakfast is enough to make you want to play the lottery. It’s delicious and cures most hangovers, but it takes a toll on your finances. Unfortunately, Nelson breakfast is the same thing every week and the line is out the door. This is enough to make you think spending some cash is the way to go on a Sunday morning.

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5. All The “Deals”


You know exactly what I’m talking about with uptown “deals.” This includes wing night at Bdubs, Pigskin’s free appetizer with the purchase of two entrees, 50 cent cheese sticks at Lucky’s, Courtside slice night and the list goes on and on. They’re too good to pass and how could you not… they’re great deals!

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6. The Costume Store

This place is the best for last minute necessities for Halloween costumes, social themes and grabbing an ugly Christmas sweater for Santa Fest, but it can add up big time. The cheap prices keep expenses down, but they also make us come back time and time again… making it no longer cheap.


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7. Figleaf Boutique


Figleaf is the one stop shop for most girls looking for a dress. You go in looking for a dress for a date party and leave with three pairs of shoes, a necklace and earrings. It’s a wonderful trap and can break your bank account if you aren’t careful.

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