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The Most Beautiful Places On Ohio University’s Campus

Ohio University is known as one of the most beautiful college campuses in Ohio. From the uniform architecture to the brick roads, and the many different trees, the atmosphere on campus is truly unlike any other. While all students know that College Green is beautiful, here are a few other places to explore on campus that have a beautiful view.

The view from the top floor of Alden

The higher floors of Alden (the book stacks) look out onto Baker and College Green. Here you can get a view of the campus and see the brick sidewalks, which are a staple to Athens.

Howard Park

In the spring, Howard Park has tulips that bloom around the area. While this spot is not the most relaxing since there are many students walking around during class changes and it is next to a busy road, it does have beautiful flowers that bloom and a view of College Green.

The view from the fifth floor of Baker University Center

The top of Baker has a nice seating area that overlooks West Green and the Convocation Center. On a sunny day, the view is beautiful and shows off Ohio University’s campus.

The top of Bryan Hall’s stairs

Bryan overlooks all of East Green and once you manage to get to the top, the view is gorgeous. You are able to see all of East Green and even some parts of South Green. Bryan stairs are usually quiet and have a calming atmosphere (except for the hike to get to the top) and there are also picnic tables and benches at the top where you can sit and enjoy the view.

The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

This bike path is lined with trees and creates a quiet place to exercise or walk with friends. The trees create a beautiful view in the fall when the leaves change colors, along with in the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom. It is also secluded from campus and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

The courtyard inside Scott Quad

Although Scott Quad is a residence hall, inside is a courtyard. The courtyard is filled with trees and other plants and has benches to study on. Since it is blocked off by the building it feels excluded from the busy street outside. The courtyard is a great place to enjoy nature while still being surrounded by Ohio University’s architecture.

Along the catwalks in South Green

Taking a walk around the catwalks on South Green is very secluded and relaxing. Since not many people use them, you are mostly alone. They are also surrounded by trees and are a great way to see back south.

The Ridges

The unique architecture of the Ridges and the nature that surrounds the buildings is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. Since it is on a hill, it overlooks Ohio University’s campus and gives a full view. The ridges are mostly quiet and can be a great place to relax.

Photos by Elizabeth Cutler

Elizabeth Cutler is a sophomore English Education major at Ohio University. In her free time Elizabeth enjoys writing, hammocking, painting, and spending time with her dog.
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