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The Moms You Saw During Mom’s Weekend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.
“What happens in Athens, stays in Athens” is a quote that is most relevant to one popular weekend at Ohio University: Moms Weekend. Between April 4 and 6, a multitude of moms found their way to Athens, Ohio to spend time with their favorite bobcats. Some moms came to Athens because they just wanted to relax by having a low-key time with their kids. On the other hand, other moms made the trip to OU because they wanted to have a not-so-low key time (aka wild nights at the bar reliving their college years) with their bobcats. 
Since hundreds of moms stormed the streets of Athens, chances are that people came across various mom personalities. Here’s a brief list of the different types of moms people may have witnessed over Moms Weekend.
The mom who…
Wore “I love my bobcat” or “OU Proud Parent” shirt or sweatshirt ALL weekend.
Dressed better than her daughter.
Looked like she could have been a student’s sister.
Wanted to go to a dinner and a movie. 
Wanted to shop until she dropped mainly because her daughter told her to do so.
Partied harder than her own kid.
Had one too many drinks at the bar.
Had to be in bed by 10 p.m. because she could not handle Athens’ nightlife.
Swore she could dance better than everybody in the room.
Aged better than any other supermodel on the planet, aka the ultimate MILF.
Willingly paid for everybody’s drinks at the bar.
Drank directly from a keg-stand.
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