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Matt Anderson

Matthew Anderson

Graduation Year: June 2011

Hometown: Canton, OH

Major: Magazine Journalism, specializing in Art/Graphic Design
Status: Single

Hobbies: I like listening to music, working on graphics, creating literally anything, playing with my cat hairless Muenster and watching trashy TV.

Favorite spot in Athens: Casa Nueva

Perfect first date: Going to dinner somewhere we can talk. I don’t like movies where you can’t really talk to the person or get to know them.

Where he’ll be in 5 years: Being a successful graphic designer in New York City or San Francisco.

Who does he find inspiring: Successful people in the design community. I follow a lot of design blogs and use them for inspiration.

Interesting fact: I have flat feet. Flat as they come!

Rebekah Meiser is a senior studying Magazine Journalism at Ohio University, with a split specialization in Italian and Art History. Like many Italians, she is obnoxiously proud of her heritage and fully embraces it by consuming embarrassing amounts of pasta, bread and cheese. She currently owes a scary amount of money to the government, but continues to masochistically check Net-a-Porter and Urban Outfitters online for beautiful items that she lusts but cannot afford. Rebekah goes to school in the middle of some of the best cornfields in Ohio. Although she finds the location less than ideal, she has become an avid star-gazer thanks to the unpolluted sky. A true lover of fashion, her friends make fun of her for playing dress up as often as she does, but she’s not one to be discouraged. Rebekah also loves to run (read: alternate between jogging and walking), read fashion blogs, bake, and read magazines (of which she owns a forest-worth). She hopes to live and work in New York City after she graduates in the spring.
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