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It’s that time again: election season! Now, I know politics isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but an important part of being an American is participating in our democracy. This year’s general election will be held on Tuesday, November 7th, and there are some important issues on the ballot you want to make sure to vote on. Here are five things to check off on your election day checklist before you head to the polls.

1. Confirm That You’re Registered To Vote And Check Your Polling Location

The first step to voting is ensuring you’re registered to vote. Every state has a different voter registration deadline, which you can check by going to usvotefoundation.org and selecting your state. Once you are registered to vote, you can check your polling location by going to your county’s Board of Elections website and entering the address you used to register. 

2. Request An Absentee Ballot If Necessary 

If you’re unfamiliar, an absentee ballot is a ballot that is completed and mailed in advance of the election when a voter cannot be at the polls. Many college students decide to vote via absentee ballot because they are not registered to vote near their college and are not planning on going home to vote. You can check your state’s deadlines for requesting an absentee ballot and receiving an absentee ballot at vote.org.

3. Sign Up To Be A Poll Worker

As long as you meet the requirements, you can volunteer to be a poll worker on election day if you choose. Being a poll worker is not mandatory, however, you may be paid for your work depending on your state and county. 

4. Research The Issues On The Ballot

Researching the issues you will be voting on can help you make a more educated and informed decision on election day. You can research state and local politicians who are running for election/reelection, as well as referendums that will appear on the ballot. When researching, be sure to use credible sources and consider both sides of the issue.

5. Go Vote!

Finally, go vote! You can vote on election day, November 7th, or you can see if your state offers early voting at vote.org. 

Whether it’s your first time voting or you’re a voting pro, completing these five things will help you have a smooth election season.

Amelia is a writer for the Her Campus chapter at Ohio University. She is from Columbus, Ohio and is an Early Childhood Education Major. Along with Her Campus, Amelia is involved in Chaarg and KDPI's chapters at OU.