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Love Across the Twittersphere

It turns out that Twitter does its fair share of creeping on its users.

On Valentine’s Day, the social media giant created a Calendar of Love based off of user’s tweets about fresh romances, sweet engagements and bitter breakups.

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It looks like a new year could really mean a new love, as Twitter reports that January is the month of the #FirstDate. However, a large amount of people also tweeted about the dreaded friend-zone as well.

Thanks for crushing my hopes, Twitter.

Warm-weather months continue to confirm that life is simply better in the summer. Tweets about engagements and marriage proposals flood the Twittersphere in July and August.

The month of March appears to be the #BreakUp month… oh boy. Maybe there’s something about the color green that kills relationships? I’ll do some scientific research.

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Divorce during the holidays?! Apparently it’s fairly common, as Twitter reports that this is when people tweet the most about getting divorces. This kind of makes sense, considering the financial strain with buying gifts and the mental strain of dealing with in-laws.


Twitter did some further research and ranked countries on how often they tweet “I love you” in their respective language.


Sweden, Slovenia, and Israel rank as the top three, with Columbia, the United States, and the United Kingdom as the bottom three.


Although there are probably complications and errors with this research, Twitter’s Calendar of Love serves as a good guide for mapping the ups and downs of a relationship.


Hopefully March doesn’t prove to be the break-up month for you, but  you can always move to Sweden.

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