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We’ve all got that person who is our “one that got away.” Ya know, the cute guy who was older than you, whom you never thought you had a chance with. So what do we do when our one that person comes back to campus for a weekend? That’s the place I’m in.

So last year, I had this huge crush. We met at a party, exchanged numbers and flirted all night. I was so sad when my friends said it was time to leave. I could have talked to him all night with his flowing hair, his adorable smile, his impeccable fashion sense. He wanted to work with kids– how perfect is that? Like, this dude was literally my dream man. We talked more after that night, and that’s when I learned was set to graduate soon. As a freshman who easily fell for the wrong guys, this killed me a bit. Of course, the dude I was planning my wedding with (fall wedding so the colors match my aesthetic) was going to leave me soon. So rude.  

After he graduated, we talked here and there, but not much. The little spark I had had for him was dwindling away and I was becoming myself again. Summer progressed and my feelings lessened until I didn’t feel anything for him anymore.

And then he sprung it on me: six weeks into school, he hits me with a text that says he is going to be here for homecoming. Obviously at this point my dramatics are in full swing. Do I want to see him? Do I still like him? Why is he even coming?

As a teenage drama queen, I could feel the hysteria rising in the pit of my stomach. This was the guy I hardcore had a crush on and now he’s back. How do I handle that? Suave and aloof? Full court pressed flirting? Do I ignore him? The whole “walk past and act surprised to see him?” Or do I run up and jump on him as if we were in The Notebook?

I really have no idea what my plan should be, and I only have a week to decide what I’m going to do. Daisy from Great Gatsby had five years until she saw her man again– why was I only given 14 days? Something is not okay with this.

So to prepare for his return, I’m just nonchalantly going to watch every rom com ever made and take notes. If anyone needs me, I’ll be laughing until I cry and crying until I laugh at the cheesy plot lines, trying to figure out what on earth I am going to do.

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