Long-Distance Love: Tips to Help You Cope

Since I arrived at OU, I’ve heard at least 30 people say “nobody should be in a relationship going into their freshman year of college.” And after being in one for three years, that breaks my heart. I would NEVER think about breaking up with someone just because we were going to be a few hours away from each other. My boyfriend and I started dating our sophomore year of high school. We’ve had our share of rough patches - who hasn’t? - but when it comes down to it, he makes me happier than anything...excluding kittens and cookie dough cheesecake, of course. That being said, when college time rolled around, both of our minds couldn’t stop thinking about how we would handle this transition. 
Although it’s only been a few weeks for my bf and me, I’ve realized there are a few necessary steps if you’re serious about making things work. Without further ado, here are my tips for couples attempting the infamous “long-distance relationship”:
1. Make time for each other! You won’t be seeing your love bug everyday anymore. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll forget what he looks like. Find a certain time that fits both of your schedules to call, Skype, or FaceTime. Since you won’t be able to have your Saturday night movie dates all the time now, even something as simple as hearing each other’s voice makes all the difference. Every couple is different, but my boyfriend and I try to do this every day, if only for a few minutes! 
2. Treasure the time you do have together. Depending on how far apart you are, visits can be tough. Make the most of this time by doing something special. If your sweetie is visiting campus, take him for a stroll down Court Street and show him your favorite hangouts! This is a great way to make his trip memorable, and exploring together will be a blast. 
3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. College is a crazy time for everyone. And while a good majority of the people will be spending time partying and making out with the first person they see, you need to remember what’s important to you! Talk about your limits for going out, partying, etc. with your boyfriend beforehand. I’m not saying you should let him tell you what to do, but you still want to respect his feelings. Especially when creepy guys are checking you out and he’s not there to scare them off!
4. And the most important of all, TRUST. This is a two-way street. For things to work, you can’t be questioning your guy about everything he does, nor should he be grilling you. If you both are committed to this, you’ll know that he’s not going to be doing anything that would hurt you.
I’m sure as time goes on, my list of helpful hints will grow much longer. But for now, this is what I have for you ladies who are trying to make love last, despite being far apart! And for those of you who are enjoying the single life as of now, live it up! Just remember though, college relationships are possible, even when you aren’t at the same school!